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Valentine's day makeup looks - part 2

I realize this post is late! I am trying to consolidate my postings to this address, so please bear with me if you see older materials.  Thank you!

As an Orlando makeup artist, colors are my playground. I continually experiment with looks on different people to refine them and vary them depending on personality, style, and demographics. This look is very similar to that worn by Orlando actress, Val Vaughan, but is shown on a darker skin tone. No primer was used - only moisturizer, foundation, and concealer.

  • Eyes: pearlescent white with pink undertones, fuchsia, red, and iridescent gold; black liquid eyeliner (thin on the inside, thicker approaching the outer corner). The colors were blended well to fade into each other like a gradient.  The white is used as a highlighter under the brow bone. The gold was used over entire lid until about three quarters of the way to the outer corner.  The red was used in the crease. The fuchsia was used in the outer corners and blended over the crease color.
  • Cheeks:  red on cheekbones.
  • Lips: muted red with gold lip gloss. Red is sometimes overpowering and over used. To avoid too much red, a little gold gloss adds more dimension and depth of color.

This look is very easy to create and less intricate than some other looks created by this author using eight eyeshadow colors. While this usage of pink is similar to a flamingo, it is a Valentine look that compliments most Florida skin tones.

If you would like to appear in this column, please state your intent and forward headshots to us via email.

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Plumper pouts, structured brows, lashes galore

A solution for any small lipped models:  MAC Cosmetics Plushglass and Sally Hansen lip plumpers.  Having tried both products on myself and others, both products tingle. They work by stimulating the lips, sort of irritating them, until the lips plump. Natural ingredients are used to achieve this. There was a slight difference with Plushglass; however, one model's lips were plumper for hours with Sally Hansen, which is half the price of Plushglass. Either way, for fuller lips, try one of those two products (make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients)!

Sally Hansen lip plumper states to apply generously but make sure you apply it evenly, as during the trial, some parts of lips were plumper than others.

Need a quick fix to unnoticeable brows? MAC brow set looks like mascara but is made for eyebrows. If you cannot find the right color you need, you can always try mascara (but make sure it is smudge and water proof).  If you like more shapely lashes, try Ardell Eyebrow Stencils.

Want your makeup to glide on effortlessly and flawlessly? Try MAC (tested personally) or Sally Hansen's primer (not tested personally).

Need more noticeable lashes without being took dramatic, flakey, or cakey? Try, where they carry an assortment of 11 normal to fun styles. is based in Orlando and is offering free headshots to their clients. Submit photos of you wearing their lashes for your photos to appear on their website.

 MAC Cosmetics are available on their site, at the Florida Mall, Mall at Millenia, and some major department stores. 

Pretty winter lips

Even though the cold in Orlando has passed, below are a few Urban Decay lip colors you can wear should Mother Nature relapse. These colors can give you that been out in the cold all day look without having been out in the cold.  Kissable lips that men will want to warm up can be yours!

  • Lip Primer Potion, $20.00
  • 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, $17.00 - $18.00
    • Paranoid - dark pinky nude
  • Lipstick, $22.00
    • Wanted - warm berry
  • Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss (complete with men fully clothed and men in underwear), $19.00
    • David - milky mauve

What are your favorite winter lip colors for Orlando?

Urban Decay cosmetics are available in Orlando at Ulta (Altamonte Mall, Winter Park Village, and across from the Florida Mall) and Sephora (Florida Mall).

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Working with a makeup artist multiple times

If you think working with a makeup artist once is sufficient, you are most likely wrong.  There are very few occasions when working with the right artist once without a consultation is not too bad.  Preparing for weddings or even your own photo shoots should be fun, but it is very advisable to schedule a consultation prior to allowing them to work on their next blank canvas - your face.

People have various quirks. No one is perfectly symetrical. An artist can detect these issues and work to correct them. Good artists study their past works to see where they can improve. GG, an Orlando Makeup Artist, can attest to this. Some tricks to makeup are trial, error, and experimentation. Many people find their comfort zones with "safe" colors such as beiges and browns. GG has shown that comfort zones can be too drab and boring by using forest green to create a smokey look on model, Sharon Kaye.

To add depth and dimension, GG used the forest green color, because it is the same color that circles the iris and brings out the eyes. This method does not look sickly or heavy such as when using browns and blacks. Navy blue is also a great choice depending on eye color.

To book GG, please contact her via email.

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Andie Sleeman spring fashion week look interview

We would like to thank Andie SleemanOrlando area makeup artist, for submitting her spring fashion week inspired makeup look.  Below is her interview regarding her look.

Examiner: What trends have you noticed on the runways for fashion week that inspired the look you created for us today?

Andie:  The looks were all over the place this year.  Everything from smokey eyes (Chanel, Galliano, Marc Jacobs), to a bold pink or orange lip (Fendi, Diane von Furstenberg, Marni), to a natural bare face (Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab), and a colorful pop on the eyes (Valentino, Vivienne Westsood, Christian Dior).  One thing every look had in common was beautiful skin.  For me the bright bold colors are what initially caught my eye.

Examiner:  Was there a particular style that captured your fancy or were you drawn to a few of them? In other words, was it an easy choice to select your inspiration?

Andie:  I pulled from many of the looks we saw going down the 2011 SS runways.  There is a nice way to combined a bright smokey eye, with a bold lip and beautiful skin, I feel like I was able to accomplish that with this look today.

Examiner:  How long have you been a makeup artist?

Andie: Three years.

Examiner:  How did you get started in the industry?

Andie:  I went for formal training.  After schooling I became a regional makeup artist with a national cosmetic company.  From there I entered the world of fashion and commercial makeup artistry.

Examiner:  Do you feel your training has helped you further your career? If yes, how so? Networking, skills, etc.?

Andie:  I feel there are so many other great resources out there to learn from (books, magazines, websites, seminars, apprenticing, testing, etc.) that formal training is not a necessity in today’s industry.  Most of what I have learned has been from continuous research, trial and error on set and listening to feedback.  It is okay to make major mistakes while testing in your early career; you will learn NOT to do whatever it is you did again!

Examiner: What makeup trends do you see in Orlando?

Andie:  I see the sexy smokey eye look around town daily.  It’s a pretty trend if done properly.  I think a lot of women are a bit apprehensive about trying bold looks they see on the runway because they think they won’t get it right.  My advice, go for it ladies!

Examiner:  Do you think the couture / runway trends of Europe and New York are too fashion forward for Orlando?

Andie:  The fashion forward looks we saw in the 2011 SS season can absolutely work for the women of Orlando.  The looks need to be toned down a bit and women need to pick the ONE trend per look that works best for their face, complexion and lifestyle.

Examiner:  How would you suggest we adapt high fashion looks to suit Orlando's subdued style?

Andie:  Look at the spring summer advertising campaigns of the major fashion houses and beauty lines (Dior, Lancome, YSL, Jil Sander). They are more subdued than what we saw on the runway, but still very modern, trendy and appropriate for the ladies of Orlando.


Remotely published via mobile device. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations.

Makeup Links:


Beauty Supplies:


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Model makeup bag

Orlando is not one of those big cities where you can get anything, anywhere, at anytime. To be a successful model in Orlando, you must be prepared. Not all makeup artists have a plethora of foundation and concealer colors to match every single skin tone. Most Orlando makeup artists tend to keep their bags light. Below are a few items to keep in your model and makeup bags.

  • foundation
  • concealer
  • primer (face and eye)
  • mascara
  • false eyelashes
  • bobby pins, hair pins (both)
  • hairspray, gel, mousse
  • hairbrush, comb
  • lip conditioner
  • moisturizer
  • Ponds cold cream (this is an amazing product that removes makeup and leaves the face soft and hydrated)
  • towel, washcloth, tissues, cotton swabs
  • notepad, pen
  • comp cards, business cards, resume
  • props / accessories (hair accessories, jewelry, flowers, anything that can enhance the theme of the shoot)


Being prepared with the above items will leave a lasting impression on industry professionals that will make you look good. For more helpful information, please visit the Meme Physis information network and artist collaborative.

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Is there no etiquette in friendship?

Here is a story about three lovely Orlandoans and etiquette. Two ladies convinced a third to do something very special for her birthday. They tried to convince her to spend an evening clubbing at CityWalk. After a lengthy debate, the third finally conceded and agreed to do something for her birthday against her wishes. For two months, the two planned a string of events to occur at a very social Orlando setting involving alcohol. The third only wanted to have a quiet evening at home with close friends.

Four days prior the event that the two had planned for the third, one of the two text messaged the third to say that she would rather spend time with her boyfriend instead of spending the evening they coerced the third into having. The other one of the two decided she was going to bail as well. One told the third that she was welcome to tag along the night before the newly cancelled party. She explained that she was doing a favor as a friend for the third by inviting her to "tag along" to a movie the third did not want to see after having spent two months convincing her to coordinate a big event. 

The third had invited a few males to join the quiet evening, but due to the turn of events, the two left the third alone with three men. The third had to cancel the entire evening and resume her original plan of enjoying a quiet evening with a close friend. The two do not see how their actions lacked etiquette.

If you know you would rather be with your significant other, why even bother convincing people to spend time with you? Why not have the decency to actually call and cancel? Most importantly, how rude is it to invite someone to "tag along" as a favor to them, when you cancelled to be with your boyfriend? What is the point of making plans if you do not keep them? Is everyone in Orlando this rude? 

Proper etiquette would have been to:

  • respect the person's wishes for a quiet evening at home;
  • not make plans with someone, especially for his/her birthday, if you know s/he is your Plan B;
  • call and cancel instead of texting like a coward.

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Once upon a notebook

An Orlando woman recently shared an online dating story and asked to remain anonymous.  We will call her "Allie."  Being in Orlando, it was difficult for her to meet quality people. She spent a lot of time at work, school, raising a child alone, and trying to be everything to everyone.  One day, as Allie was writing in her journal, she received a message through an online dating site from a young man who we will call "Noah."

Noah and Allie discovered they had much in common and found each other very interesting.  After an online and telephone "courtship" for approximately two months, they agreed to meet in person.  Being a gentleman, he offered to drive 181 miles from his hometown to Orlando just to spend an amazing weekend together.

When Noah arrived in Orlando, they met at a public venue.  The first thing Allie said to him as he was handing her a rose was, "You look like you're twelve."  Allie is known for being very blunt and not always polite enough to have tact.  Noah took it well, laughed, and escorted her to the location where they began their date.  He opened all of the doors for her, held her hand, stood up when she left and returned to the table, pulled her chairs, let her exit first, and although he planned the date entirely, he accepted her input.  Allie further stated that Noah never asked her about sex or to do anything she did not want to do.  He always let her indicate if she was ready for him to make any moves.  Needless to say, there was a very healthy good night kiss, and his hands were kept to himself.

While their date occurred in June 2004, the memory will forever be imprinted in Allie's memory as if it were yesterday.  It was the first time she had met a man who was not only a complete gentleman, but also full of etiquette and grace.  Moral of the story?  Gentlemen, the little, polite things you do leave your marks on us for life.  We are more likely to remember and think fondly of you.  Proper etiquette never goes out of style.  Ladies, be patient.  Gentlemen do exist all be it few and far apart.  When you do meet him, he is a keeper, and he will be worth the wait.

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Dating etiquette - part 1

Dating in Orlando is certainly an adventure. For single women, weeding out men is very easy when you have a long list of rules. For example, be courteous and polite, use proper grammar, and be respectful. These "rules" seem simple and typical, but it is amazing how many people were not raised with etiquette. For example, a male in whose photo his face is covered and he is shirtless writes, "I'm kind of wondering how ur face looks." Someone once said, "It's easier to fix a body by going to the gym than to fix a face by going to a surgeon." Clearly a self-respecting woman would not succumb to a male whose entire focus is on physical appearance. Yes, appearance is important to an extent; however, personality can make people appear sexy or ugly, and the sender appears ugly right about now.

Ladies like to be treated with respect, and males should give what they expect in return. For example, if a male wants class, he should be classy. If a male wants a sweet woman, he should be sweet. Anything less is just impolite. There are many blogs on dating etiquette, but the reality of it is that we should treat others the way we wish to be treated. Treat people with respect, and you may not be alone on Valentines Day.

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Say may name b!tch!

Some of you may remember the title quote from the movie American Pie. While some Orlandons would like to think that "a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet," they are wrong. How we address people, especially in a cultural conglomerate such as Orlando, denotes how we feel towards them and about ourselves.

The "self-fulfilling prophecy" posits that how we feel about people creates the condition for us to be more aware, sensitive, and erroneous to their actions. For example, if Bob has a strong disdain for Sue, Bob is more likely to think everything Sue does is wrong or perceive her actions erroneously.  A simple "hello" from Sue may garner negative emotions from Bob. However, if Bob thought kindly of Sue, he would be less likely to perceive a simple "hello" as hostile.

Accordingly, in an era of text lingo and abbreviations, many people tend to shorten things, including names.  Perhaps "Richard" is not fond of being called "Rich," "Rick," or "Dick." In some extreme cases noted in Orlando, Richard may be addressed as "Tom" even if Richard's emails and other correspondences contain his proper name.

Those who elect to address Richard improperly by calling him other names are showing that they have a blatant disrespect and disregard for others. They feel they are too important to be polite and show proper etiquette. It is very selfish and rude to continue to address people by names other than their own and against their wishes. Those people have a sense of self-importance and feel they are too busy to show common courtesy.

What about shortening names to only the first letter of the name? That is pretentious in a professional, business realm. It may be appropriate to address your best friend, Barbara, as "B;" however, if someone is hiring or interviewing you, it is highly inappropriate. Would you want to hire someone who shows no courtesy to you or does not respect authority?

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Being prepared

A large part of being professional is being prepared. Orlando has a culture of being laid back while trying to be fast paced. Sometimes Orlandoans forget that being prepared is one of the keys to success. Examples of being unprepared:

  • An attorney who does not have all of his court documents for a hearing.
  • A model who does not have her wardrobe or makeup for a shoot.
  • A hair stylist who does not have his appliances.
  • A makeup artist who does not have her brushes.
  • A party hostess who does not have refreshments.

Life is too short to worry about little things, but we must remember details to keep us successful in our endeavors. The impressions we leave on people are lasting, and many are not capable of seeing beyond first impressions. Always be prepared for things you may not expect. For example, at a business meeting, you may not expect to see certain people. Life is good about throwing curve balls at us. We must always be on top of our games. People may ask questions we cannot emotionally handle. Be prepared for those as well, so you can avoid losing composure in front of others.

It is somewhat difficult to find a happy balance between enjoying life and having a lot on our minds, but with practice, we can all conquer the world.

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Synthetic Clip-in Hair Extensions

A portrait of bad etiquette


An Orlando area photographer surfed ads seeking photographers on Craig's List. Each of his responses were copied and pasted from previous responses and did not properly comply with each ad's requirements. When asked to submit the requested items, his response was that professionals do not solicit on Craig's List, and that it is not worth his time to read the ads and submit the required items.

His lack of etiquette is indicative of his professionalism towards others. Why would one want to hire a service provider who blatantly states it is beneath him and not worth his time to do things properly? Is this the type of service for which he charges? Furthermore, if he truly believed his statement that "professionals do not solicit on Craig's List," then why is he scouring ads there to solicit potential new clients? This "professionalism" is an example of how etiquette in Orlando has greatly undergone a degradation process. We could blame parents, but that seems too easy. After all, we are adults and should take responsiblity for our actions.


In reviewing the photographer's website, his work is not extrodinary by any means. It is average, and there are children who can produce better work. His "modeling" photos depict women as service workers of a specific nature. His photos lack agency quality lighting and exposure. His angles capture women in a distasteful manner. This photographer appears to rely on photoshop, so his retouching skills are not the best, and his "concepts" are overdone, cliche, and amaturish. In summation, his work is laughable. If this were a formal review, the photographer would receive no stars.

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Dr who?

People seem to be very sensitive about their titles in Orlando. While it is understandable that people have gone to school and earned their educations, they do not need to require everyone to call them by their titles. An example would be a medical doctor demanding everyone who is and is not his/her patient address him/her as "doctor." If someone is not your doctor, you should not have to address him/her as same. If we all followed that logic, then many of us should demand to be addressed AS "father" or "mother."

A title is one thing on paper, and it is important to address people by their titles in your professional lives or when someone is providing a service to you. For example, if you are on a job interview, you should be courteous and make a great first impression by addressing the interviewer by his/her appropriate title. If you are walking down the street and randomly bump into a stranger, a title is not warranted.

Those who demand that their titles be used even when not in professional settings show that they feel others need to view them as superiors. If someone is not your attorney, counselor, or doctor, it is not required that you call them by those titles.

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Model etiquette with Mireya - no pun intended

Many Orlando models forget their manners and exhibit a lack of professionalism when dealing with people who are not agencies but who can still assist them with their careers. There are many roles of people who can provide industry assistance including photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, talent scouts, and more. Orlando has a very commercial market full of bikini clad, bottle blondes, with implants, model wannabes, and promotional models who bare it all just to get noticed. Those types eventually appear in local publications that lead to Hustler and Playboy. Along the way, they rarely show appreciation for any females or those they deem to be "lower life forms" who have helped them further their careers. They flirt with male photographers and try to manipulate shoots to get what they want like whiny, spoiled children.

It is rare to find someone in the modeling industry who genuinely shows appreciation for opportunities afforded to them be it paid or not. They always formally address photographers, artists, stylists, and agents, and they always say "please" and "thank you." These models are usually somewhat timid, because they do not rely on their bodies to get a head in life (no pun intended). They rely on their personalities, skills, and minds. It is not that they do not have superb figures. It is that they have self-respect.

That being said, it was a pleasure to have worked with Mireya Oyola, who is represented by MTM Orlando (John Casablancas in Longwood). Agency representatives, Gina and Brittany, worked to find the appropriate talent for review and scheduled a gosee / information session with the models. Mireya exhibited enthusiasm, followed up via email, submitted the requested items, arrived at the shoot early, was prepared with appropriate wardrobe, and was eager to learn. She took direction and constructive criticism well and has been practicing for her upcoming shoot to appear on theOrlando Makeup Examiner column, and for that, Mireya Oyola is a model of etiquette. Judy Choeun provided hair styling services. We look forward to working again with Mireya.