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Etiquette of Casselberry contra dancing


Care to cut a rug? Got bit by the dancing bug? Secret Lake Park is venue to Casselberry's contra dancing the last Saturday of every month. For $10.00 donations, you can dance the night away with this friendly crowd. Even if you are sitting in the corner, males and females both invite you on the floor. Contra dancing appears similar to square dancing with remnants of swing. This style of dancing is for families but appears to attract mostly people over 40. It is a fun way to stay in shape. Do not know how to contra dance? No problem! Experienced participants are kind enough to pair themselves with new comers. Some of the foot work gets a tad fancy, so be prepared to be slightly confused at first. Others can take a cue from the manners and pleasantry of contra dancers. They are typically convivial and spritely. For more information, visit the website.

Jacqueline Kerr retro glam


A different look for her.

Psychedelic trip hop funk


Slip and slide down the psychedelic funk train where funk is fabulous. Swirly, twirly, iridescent colors infuse the eyes. Pearlized pigments give skin a healthy, natural glow. Add pearlized pigment to your favorite moisturizer to create a new aura. If your skin is very dry, you can add the pigment with a little essential oil. Some have even added the pigment and essential oil to their foundations.

A nice Easter glow is depicted in the photo. A light, iridescent lavender was paired with a graceful, iridescent teal. Lavender was applied over the lid to the crease. Teal was applied at the crease line and just above.the teal was also applied thinly but densely on the outer quarter of the top lid as liner.

Leaves & Roots and the Vitamin Shop offer essential oils. They may also be available at places such as the Body Shop.

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Closed Sunday and Holidays

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Casselberry contra dancing


The music blared out of Stacy's window, reminding her of a time several years ago when she felt younger. As she became lost in the music, she waltzed her way to the window for a peek. Eh. Nothing new and exciting, but she was bitten with the bug to cut a rug.

This 17th century, English country dancing, was called "contra dancing" by the French. It is similar to square dancing with a swing dancing flare. Contra dancing is inviting to families and is not an event typically associated with alcohol consumption or libations. The last Saturday of each month, contra dancing events with live entertainment is offered in Casselberry at Secret Lake Park.

There are raffles and contests such as who is wearing the most plaid. As far as fashion, matching or coordinating clothes seemed to be of minimal importance to participants. The crowd was mostly seniors, be it as they were spritely, but there was also a girl who appeared eight, a male who appeared 18, and one or two girls in their 20s.

One of the girls wore a long, flirty, white skirt that allowed us to see all as she allowed males to flip and twirl her. Her under garment was bright white, revealing, and was peeking through her see though skirt. As for makeup, many appeared to be natural and homely. A small handful of older women were wearing a lot of makeup that looked light and manufactured as if they had stepped out from behind Estee Lauder counters.

This event was informal yet, like bouncers, they demanded $10.00 donations and refused admittance to anyone volunteering less money. During thes types of dances, makeup should be kept ligh and fresh. With all of the twirling, flipping, and bouncing, makeup is sure to run. Natural skin oils and sweat can make faces "run." A nice, airy moisturizer can give a healthy glow. Also try creme blush to just dab a pinch for a burst of color. Long wearing lipstick is better than lip glosses, because gloss will wipe off during rehydration and sweating.

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Trick the bunny! Let's paint ourselves and hide in the park


The Cross Seminole Trail is an interesting trek towardsf itness. Often walking at least two to three miles each Saturday and Sunday morning, we saw backyards of beautiful homes on our way across State Road 436, also known as Semoran Boulevard and East Altamonte Drive. If someone ever tells you to go to the corner of SR 436 and Semoran, it is nothing more than a practical joke. The local radio stations such as Power 95 (95.3) have played that joke on April fool's day, and it was quite humorous listening o those who were fooled.

This year, let us fool the Easter bunny by painting ourselves and hiding in the park. Oh the serendipity of the bunny finding us as we sit like good little children in the corner. Maybe we could turn it into a movie with Queen Latifah as fairy godmother helping a young Renee Zellwiger find us - the eggs. We could even have flashbacks or cameos from deceased John Wayne. Why stop there? Let us throw in some vampires and werewolves and have a massive competition for Team Dracula and Team Potter to battle it out. There goes the active imagination again...

With all of the color options available to us, we shall return realistically to Orlando / Winter Park along the Cross Seminole Trail. The trail offers many trees, leaves, acorns, and other tiny places to hide eggs inconspicuously. We can hide behind bushes and shrubs then jump out to greet the rabbit with a heart attack. It is the perfect season to try Lime Crime D'Lilac. A soft, creamy, potent lavender with staying power, this color is for the fun and creative. It looks brilliant and amazing on any skin tone and offers Orlando those high fashion makeup looks for which we are otherwise unequipped. Orlando makeup artists, in general, seem to lack creativity and imagination. The are pleasantly constrained by the boundaries of ordinary beauty and bridal.

If any artist in the Orlando area submits creative works of art using D'Lilac, will award a free pair of lashes in Subtle Purple. The are also sponsoring the Bravehearts for the Susan G. Komen 3 days for the cure walk in Tampa Bay in October. With proof of donation of $30.00 or more to the team, Orange and Seminole county residents will get a free pair of lashes (subject to applicable limitations, restrictions, conditions, and exclusions).

Team member profiles of the stunning Sonia Pisano, radiating Rachel Rados, and delightful team captain Debra Rados will soon follow. Please join the quest to battle breast cancer. 

Smokey, soft, sexy

Day dreaming of all the pretty colors and trouble one can get into with makeup. Smokey smoothness, soft and subtle. Natural lip color. Let the black eyeshadow fade into the lid. Purple is dusted on the lower lid to soften the black. Smolder is smudged into the waterline. Coy Girl is dragged and blended over cheekbones. 

When she was younger, she did not dream of becoming a super star like all the other little girls. She was being groomed to be the man of the family. She was first born, which meant she had to be the son. Soccer, wrestling, football, climbing fences and trees, and not playing house were her pastimes. 

Even then, she loved looking at colorful things. Glitter, rainbows, crayons - her imagination was as vivid as a blaring television. Orlando was full of color: foliage, flowers, crystal reflections of raindrops on freshly cut St. Augustine grass, sago palms lining the entry way to the woods. Sago palms were interesting little palm trees. They seemed to take the personality of gate keepers. That could be, because people placed them in areas such to appear as hidden entry ways. There were many wooded areas in Orlando, Winter Springs, Sanford, Apopka, and Oviedo, yet each are had a life of its own.

It was disappointing that leaves did not change colors in Orlando as they had in other places with more than two seasons. Orlando only had hurricane season and not hurricane season.  Through the rain was always a glimmer of sunshine - imaginary or not. It was always best to be hopeful. When it drizzled, there appeared to be glitter falling from the sky. All she could think of were the pretty colors...

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I can if I want to

Is purple lipstick appropriate for work in Orlando? Good question. Hmmm... We would have to consider where you work, how often you would be wearing said purple lipstick, your age, the shade of purple, and your personality. 

Why are these questions important? If your personality is that of a very religious person, purple lipstick may be out of your comfort zone and may make you self conscious. If you look over 40, certain shades of purple may appear too juvenile. If you work at a courthouse, well, the judicial staff may not be enthusiastic about your experimentation with pretty colors. 

Mac Cosmetics Violetta is a beautiful shade that can be worn at professional offices on a limited or sparing basis. A bright, grape purple color may be striking at the Florida Mall, Altamonte Mall, Seminole Town Centre, or Mall at Millenia but not a medical office. 

A color such as Mac's Go for It can emphasize the yellow of one's teeth, especially in dimly lit places - clubs, bars, City Walk. If you want to ease into purple lipstick, try starting with a pink color and dusting it with purple pigment or eyeshadow. 

A beautiful purple for lighter skin tones is Mac's Lavender Whip. It's adds a nice hint of color without being bold in an obnoxious way. Lavender Whip is great at any age, but it is best on lighter skin tones. Lime Crime D'Lilac is another beautiful hint of purple. It is highly pigmented and soft on the eyes.

When experimenting with makeup looks and/or colors, take snapshots to see what works best on you. Remember fellow Orlandoans, you can if you want.   

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Is that opportunity calling or the toilet flushing?

There was a time that telephones were harbingers of good and/or bad news. Now it seems they are not just for talking. They are for disappointment.

It is disappointing when people do not keep their words. In both the professional and personal worlds, many of us have heard employers or dates say, "We'll call you," but they never do. Regardless of whether or not you are truly interested in the call, you have other things to do than to wait around for it.

There is nothing wrong with placing someone on hold or calling back later. Another faux pas is taking people to the restroom with you. No one wants to hear your bowel movements or other bodily functions. Just politely excuse yourself from the call, then conduct your business. While it is presumed this phenomena is mostly common amongst adolescents, it is prevalent in Orlando "adults." Although we age, some of us seem to regress. The alternative is that some were never taught social graces.

Proper etiquette is learned, and many Orlandoans do not exhibit this characteristic. Orlando models and other talent do not communicate their intentions to not attend, which wastes time and money for all other parties involved. The more reliable talent in Orlando comes from Tampa and Winter Garden.

Not everyone in Orlando is rude, crude, or lacking etiquette. There are a few professionals and individuals who keep their words and exhibit etiquette as daily routines. Others barter services that they never intend to provide or referrals they never intend to make.

To make your mark on Orlando the world, be a solid person of upstanding character. Keep your word, follow through with your actions, and be courteous. After all, a wo/man is nothing without her/his word.

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Emily Maynard's soft, green smoke

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are beautiful together. Their blonde hair, her green eyes, his blue eyes, and their radiant skin coupled with their chemistry, heightened the emotional Bachelor season finale. In the After the Final Rose special, Emily looked stunning with her minimalist, green, smokey eye look.  Her look was perfect for tomorrow, the Ides of March, otherwise known as March 15, and also for St. Patrick's Day! Even if you do not make it out this week for the festivities, you can still try this fashionable look during spring break.

Some excellent colors to try and recreate her look are Mac Cosmetics Humid and Bottle Green. If you are having difficulties finding the perfect dark green eyeliner, you can always take an eyeliner brush, dip it in Blacktrack Fluidline, then dust it with Bottle Green or other deep green color.  Using the brush, apply it as you would eyeliner.  Other gorgeous greens to use are emerald and jewel toned greens.  Depending on intensity, you can also opt for grassy or earthy greens. Finish with black eyeliner and mascara.  Emily was wearing a lot of mascara, and surprisingly, it did not crack, flake, or run!

If you do try this look, please email it to the talent screener for feature on the site.

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Pink cookies in a plastic bag...

... getting crushed by buildings... Pink is a staple color of the season: little girls in pinkdresses, clothes, hats, and gloves with pinkbows, and carnations. Need a nice eye makeup look for Easter morning at church? How about mother's day? A nice pastel, crispclean look like Doris Day? Pink is pretty but can be overdone. Try to keep your makeup looks freshand interesting. Experiment with various color combinations, and do not be afraid to try something new. It is Orlando, so take inspiration from flowers and scenery.

This pink look has an accent of yellow to break the monotony of a monochromatic look. No prepping was done. Mac Cosmetics powders were used as foundation and to provide light coverage in keeping with Orlando's heat as well as the light spring feeling of the season. All eyeshadows and lipstick are Lime Crime. Top Hattie was dusted over top lids from crease to brow bone and from corner to corner extending from where the brow ends to the nose. Cupcake Thief was applied over entire lid up to just above the crease. Abracadabra was "pencilled" in the outer third of the crease and bottom, outer fourth of top lids. Citrus Girl was used as liner on lower lids. No other liners were used due to intensity of eyelash color and eye color. The look was paired with Countessa Fluorescent on lips and Mac Cosmetics Dolly Mis blush on cheek bones.

If you are. Makeup enthusiast, Try this look with your favorite cosmetics lines and send them to us.