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If you have been following my iPad 2 series, you will know I spent two days in line just to see if I could possibly be one of the few who were privileged to get an iPad 2 in the first weekend. I selected the Altamonte Mall as they seem to have less traffic and have been trying to become more upscale over the years. After over three hours in line at the Apple Store on Friday, I returned for more fun Saturday morning at 10:00. There was already a line that had been forming since the mall opened at 09:00. However, I was only about fifteenth in line as opposed to what seemed like a million compared to the previous day when people were lining up at 11:00!

Suprisingly, we learned that Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia had not sold out of iPad 2 models on Friday night.  Some people contemplated leaving the line to take their chances at those malls, but most of us agreed that we would run the risk of even longer lines at those malls, and by the time we drove over there, the iPads would have been gone. We were told a shipment was possible, but there was no guarantee. People of all ages were in line.  Some were smart enough to bring friends to take turns in line and walking around the mall, getting food and/or drinks. Sales were limited to two per person in line. Sure enough, persistence paid off. A shipment of approximately 20 more WiFi models arrived that morning.

Both days were sociological experiments for me. I observed people as they were patiently and impatiently awaiting their possible turns at claim tickets. It was the perfect networking opportunity to peddle my business cards and promote mymakeup artistry and photography to the parents who were in line to get iPads to appease their children. Business cards are very nifty marketing tools to spread the word about services you can provide to others. You never know when business opportunities will arise, so always be prepared!

I had a pleasant conversation with an older gentleman who was getting his first iPad for a business trip to Washington, D.C. He had lost his iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 to his family to keep his children occupied during long road trips. Nice! I remember during road trips, all I had was air to amuse myself. There were no fancy gadgets, and we were lucky to have an eight track player in the car. "Hello world there's a song that we're singing, com'on let's get happy. A whole lot of love is what we'll be bringing, to make you happy..." Sorry, I digress.

There was a young man in line who explained he was an IT tech, and everything in his house is wireless. From Apple TV to bluetooth to WiFi, everything was connected. He was awaiting two WiFi models.  There was another man who showed us photos of his 19 month old son and spoke very proudly of him. Out comes the business cards to market and promote myself. I tried a new service for mini business cards that allows up to 100 graphics - one for each card on the front! These cards are unique and tiny, so general feedback was that people were impressed.

Being prepared is general etiquette. It is a basic marker of who you are and how you conduct business. For more on etiquette in Orlando, please add the RSS feed to your reader.

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Classic, romantic look in hopes to win Mr. Right a/k/a iPad 2


I knew it would be a long day ahead of me, so I wanted to keep my makeup light and classy. After all, it was the iPad 2, so who was I going to impress whole standing in line? The iPad 2 launched Friday, March 11, 2011. I did not want the iPad 2, but I am known for accomplishing the impossible or things with odds stacked highly against me. Remember when Xbox 360 was sold out in 2005, and no store had them for months? I had no interest in the gaming system, until someone told me I couldn't get one. 

Never challenge someone who is practically ambitious! I went to the east Circuit City on Highway 50, which is now the Hobby Lobby that very same day. The last one in stock was mine. Sheer luck, if you will, but I call it determination and spite.

I was determined just to see if I could be so lucky for the Apple iPad 2 launch. As I awoke and got ready for work, I wanted my makeup to last until the wee hours of the night without feeling mask like. I began with cleansing my face, applying Neutrogena moisturizer, then used my fingers to apply MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation in NC 44 over most of my face. NC 45 was used on my forehead and blended into the NC 44 where both colors met. To contour my cheekbones, NC 50 was blended with a small brush just under the bones. 

For the eyes, I kept it simple - a light wash of a shimmery, light, powder pink over entire eye area on the top lid up to the brow bone. Copper was added in a thin line to the crease. Charcoal grey was swept into the outer corners in somewhat of a V shape. To more cleverly draw attention to the eyes without too much eyeliner, I used an eyeliner heavily pigmented with carbon particles to start at the outer second third of the top lid to the end. The liner was slightly winged out for a cat eye effect, then topped off with MAC Studio Fix Mascara I. Black. MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NW 30 was patted under the eye to cover dark cycles then set with Studio Fix powder foundation in NW 30.

Since I was not going to have refreshments in line like Apple offered the crowd in San Francisco, I wanted to make sure my cheek color remained with a healthy glow. A muted pink MAC blush was dusted with the small brush onto only the apples when I smiled, which left a nice, rosy glow. MAC Select Sheer pressed powder in NC 45 set the look. I was not able to locate my red lipstick and thought it might be a bit much for the evening's event, so I used a pinkish neutral color.

This look lasted from approximately 09:00 to 21:30 through getting lost downtown, a business meeting, running errands, work, and then the Apple iPad pandemonium.the weather in Orlando was beautiful, so the makeup did not melt or require touchups. If you remember, that was not the night I went home with Apple's new toy, but at least my makeup withstood the grueling line.

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This article was remotely published on an Apple iPad 2. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

Notes: Photos were informal snapshots taken with an iPhone 3Gs.

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