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Christien Marie interview part 1

Congratulations to Christien Marie, Orlando makeup artist, for winning the Christmas tree inspired makeup challenge! With 59 points, Christien Marie was one of two submissions for that theme.

We have three interview questions for Christien Marie, so if she wins again, we can build on the interview with another set of questions.
Angeline: Christien, congratulations on winning the contest. How long did it take you to be inspired by the theme photo?
Christien: Not very long actually. I automatically associate holiday looks with sparkle and lights because that is my favorite thing about the holidays. I love looking at the light displays because of the different colors.
Angeline: When is the first time you can remember having an interest in becoming a makeup artist?
Christien: I remember really getting into makeup around middle school. This was the time I started trying to express myself. My grandma says that she has picture of me playing with a makeup set she bought me when I was much younger although I don't remember it. I just know that I've always been fascinated with makeup and how the littlest bit can go such a long way.
Angeline: As a columnist, I would like to put Orlando on the makeup map. What do you think you can do to contribute to that?
Christien: As a makeup artist, I consider natural beauty my area of strength. I like teaching people how to enhance their features. But there are so many sources of inspiration in Orlando, from the different places to the wonderful mix of people. I think it's important to show how eclectic and colorful Orlando really is and what better way than through beautiful makeup.
Angeline: Thank you, Christien. We look forward to seeing more of your works and your pushing the limits of makeup beyond boundaries.
Note: All responses are direct quotes from the artist and have not been edited for grammar so as to preserve the artist's content.
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Lime Crime makeup review - part ii

Today's Valentine look was created using Lime Crime Makeup eyeshadows and lipstick.  Urban Decay lid primer portion was used as a base on the lids up to the brow. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation / Loose was used all over the face with Beyond Bronze under the cheekbones.

Top Hattie was used under the browbone.  Cupcake Thief was used in the inner corner of the brow to the nose and the center of the lid under the crease.  Citrus Girl was used in the inner corners of the eye from the nose to the lid under Cupcake Thief.  Abracadabra was used on the outer corners of the lid.  Siren was used in the crease.  Mischief Managed was used on the top lid as liner.  Dragon Scales was used as liner under the lower lid to create depth and add a high definition flare.  Lime Criminal was lined under Dragon Scales and extended outward with a space between that and the other colors.  The look was finished with Centrafuchsia.

These colors were selected as Valentine roses are typically red, white, and/or pink, and roses tend to have rich green stems, bright sepals, and golden, yellow pollen.  Without using lid primer, the pale pink, yellow, and lime colors washed out on the tanned skin tone leaving behind only a shimmer. With primer, the colors lightly stained the lid.  The red, fuchsia, and grass green colors were vibrant but applied lightly in layers. The lipstick was creamy but drying; although, it did last long.

In the future, it would be nice to see Lime Crime with lip and eye shades of royal blue, electric purple, and true orange.  Cosmopop and Great Pink Planet can be layered to create a coral color, which is a typical Florida color.  The line is a bit pricey, so check their FaceBook page and website often for special offers.