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Melissa Duran interview part 1

Congratulations to Orlando makeup artist, Melissa Duran, for winning the Disco Ball makeup inspired New Years looks. With 24 points, Melissa had the only submission for that theme.
We have three interview questions from Melissa, so if she wins again, we can build on the interview with another set of questions.
Angeline: MeLissa, congratulations on winning the contest. How long did it take you to be inspired by the theme photo?
MeLissa: I was attracted to the picture of the disco ball immediately. As I admired the photo, I thought to myself; "what would I wear if i was going to a holiday party?". The disco ball looks like a glistening diamond cascading out so many different shades and colors which inspired me to replicate that on the eyes.
Angeline: When is the first time you can remember having an interest in becoming a makeup artist?
MeLissa: Since I was a little girl, I remember being attracted to hair and makeup. In high school, my friends and family consistently asked me to do their makeup. I practiced on my little cousins and girlfriends. It became my career about 10 years ago, and I still have a passion for my profession.
Angeline: As a columnist, I would like to put Orlando on the makeup map. What do you think you can do to contribute to that?
MeLissa: My contribution would be to inspire women to be creative and expressive through fashion and makeup. To teach current trends, introduce new techniques and show the women of Orlando how to translate whats on the runway into real life.
Angeline: Thank you, MeLissa. We look forward to seeing more of your works and your pushing the limits of makeup beyond boundaries.
Note: all responses are direct quotes from the artist and have not been edited for grammar so as to preserve the artist's content.
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