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Is that opportunity calling or the toilet flushing?

There was a time that telephones were harbingers of good and/or bad news. Now it seems they are not just for talking. They are for disappointment.

It is disappointing when people do not keep their words. In both the professional and personal worlds, many of us have heard employers or dates say, "We'll call you," but they never do. Regardless of whether or not you are truly interested in the call, you have other things to do than to wait around for it.

There is nothing wrong with placing someone on hold or calling back later. Another faux pas is taking people to the restroom with you. No one wants to hear your bowel movements or other bodily functions. Just politely excuse yourself from the call, then conduct your business. While it is presumed this phenomena is mostly common amongst adolescents, it is prevalent in Orlando "adults." Although we age, some of us seem to regress. The alternative is that some were never taught social graces.

Proper etiquette is learned, and many Orlandoans do not exhibit this characteristic. Orlando models and other talent do not communicate their intentions to not attend, which wastes time and money for all other parties involved. The more reliable talent in Orlando comes from Tampa and Winter Garden.

Not everyone in Orlando is rude, crude, or lacking etiquette. There are a few professionals and individuals who keep their words and exhibit etiquette as daily routines. Others barter services that they never intend to provide or referrals they never intend to make.

To make your mark on Orlando the world, be a solid person of upstanding character. Keep your word, follow through with your actions, and be courteous. After all, a wo/man is nothing without her/his word.

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