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Beware the ides of March are upon us

"Beware the ides of March is upon us..." Shakespeare. What does that mean for you? While you may not have to worry about Brute, it means St. Patrick's day is just two days thereafter, and you still have a little time to create a great, festive look!  Then it will be a hop, skip, and a jump for us to spring into action with the first day of spring. Carefully plan out your makeup, so you do not end up looking like one of Charlie Sheen's "girlfriends," and we think you know what we mean!  Smokey looks can go very bad to the point of looking like a tired Grinch of Dr. Seuss!

Below are some great colors to try for St. Patrick's Day makeup looks, the ides of March, and the first day of spring.

MAC Cosmetics:

  • Bitter, Sunny Spot, Lucky Green, Lime, Swimming, Humid, Steamy, Green Mix, Sumptuous Olive, Golden Olive, Green Space, Jade Way, Minted, Tarnish, Forever Green

Urban Decay:

  • Graffiti, Mildew, Stash, Loaded, Mullet, Stage Dive, Chronic, Protest, Acid Rain, Shattered, Green Goddess, Urb, Grass, Weeds, Clinic, Narc

Stila Cosmetics:

  • Jade, La Douce


  • Zoom

Lime Crime Makeup:

  • Lime Criminal, Mischief Managed

After planning the look, try it out to make sure it works for you. Today is National Pancake Day, so if you are out at iHop, sipping some homemade Kahlua, painting the town red on Church Street or Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando, you still have time to engage in color play.  Remember, greens do not look good on everyone.  If you have blue eyes, green may not be a great option.  Twelve days and counting to try a new look each night! Stay tuned for a subsequent article with colors of a pot of gold that will greatly compliment the greens listed above.



St Patricks day makeup looks - 1



In a previous article entitled "Beware the ides of March is upon us," it was advised that makeup looks should be tested and perfected. Even great artists such as Michaelangelo and Da Vinci sketched their works prior to producing the final product.

The first St. Patricks day eye makeup look was achieved using Urban Decay.  No primer was used. Honey was dusted over the inner third of the top lid and an eighth of the inner corner of the bottom lid. Graffiti was swept over rest of the upper lid. Both colors were gently blended right above the crease to fade into the skin tone. Grafitti eyeliner was used on the upper lid close to the lash line. Ransom liner was used on the lower lid to make the green and gold less boring and make the chestnut brown irises pop. The look can be finished with mascara.

This look was drafted informally to wear to a professional office setting. It is great for St. Patrick's day or spring in general. Depending on eye color, turquoise is also nice to use instead of purple. Experiment and have fun with your makeup looks!

Notes: Photos were informal snapshots taken with an iPhone 3Gs. Makeup look was not polished as it was simply a sketch to experiment.