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Airbrush makeup artist Orlando, Florida (FL)

Need an airbrush makeup artist in Orlando? High definition makeup artist in Orlando? Temporary tattoo artist in Orlando? Airbrush tanning in Orlando? Face and body painting in Orlando?

Now, not only can you find an airbrush makeup artist in Orlando, you can purchase airbrush makeup and highly pigmented powders to mix any color imaginable!

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., is scheduled to launch an online store for Thanksgiving 2012. This store will be targeted towards professional makeup artists; however, beginners / novices, intermediates, and enthusiasts will be welcome.

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., will offer airbrush demonstrations (usage and cleaning), makeovers, tanning, temporary tattoos, and more. The store will also have a mobile component for those who are busy and would like to see the products prior to purchasing them.

Services will be available in most parts of Florida from Orlando to Tampa and Miami.

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc.

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., will be carrying pigment powders from, false eyelashes from, and airbrush cosmetics. The online store is scheduled to launch around Thanksgiving 2012, while the mobile beauty store is scheduled for October 2012.

If you do not have time and/or have not tried Medusa or the other lines, schedule an appointment with the to meet you at a convenient location to assess and fill your beauty needs. Have friends who are also interested? Schedule a beauty party! Need a makeover? Want to try temporary tattoos? Airbrush tan? The OMJ has you covered!

Let's make beauty together.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. I am proud to be a junkie. Makeup is my drug.