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SCAM: Makeup Opportunity for you........

From: Tom Clark <>
Date: May 23, 2011 11:50:33 EDT
Makeup Opportunity for you........

Dear Makeup Artist,

My name is Tom Clark, I'm a freelance modeling agent.With reference to
your post on (,i was thrilled when i saw your work
and i appreciate it. I'm presently working with Women's Clothing
& Lingerie Stores. Currently we are working on promotional sales and
advert for the store; There are some models that are ready for the
publishing and posing of the Stores Sales Promo Magazine to boost
their sales and help them pave there way up the clothing industry
meeting up with the world of fashion today.
Sincerely i will be honored if i can work with you on this project,you
can come on board has a professional Makeup Artist.

Shoot will be taken in different cities,this is to in cooperate
different ideas and looks in to the magazine with such ideas and
diversity we are sure it will bring about uniqueness in the
magazine,this will enable advert about the stores products ranging
from casual wears,Dinner gowns,cooperate wears both for male and
An elegance model will be assigned to you, the model will be taking
shots for an hour meaning you will be needed for the same amount of
time as well. Let me know your charging plan for an hour just for a
day shoot.The shot will be held on the 27th May 2011 and the pictures
will be used for the promotion sales and website designing. The Store
will be responsible for the provision of getting you to the studio
where the shoot will be taking. In order to incorporate different
flavor into the magazine, the shoot will be taking in different
cities. As soon as we both agree, the photographer will make
arrangement for a suitable location for the shoot and he will be
coming over to meet you up so that the shooting can be done in good
time. Let me know if you're okay with 250 for an hour of your time
and service for the model.

In order to be certainly sure that i have you booked for that date,
funds will be sent to you immediately on confirmation of your payment
information as clearly outlined below this e-mail. After payment has
been received, the photo shoot will be taken and sent to the store.
The whole crew (The photographer,The model,The Hair  Stytist manager)
will be delighted to work with you. In order for booking arrangements
to be made as soon as possible,i need you to provide me with the
following details:

Name in full:
Residential address in full:
Zip/postal code:
Phone number:(cell and home)
E-mail Address:
Charges:$250 (an hour)
Any previous experience:

I wait your quick response

Tom Clark.

SCAM: Animal Photo Shoot

Can you recognize the scam?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Danny Dre <>
Date: May 24, 2011 19:06:23 EDT
Subject: Animal Photo Shoot

I was browsing on Model Mayhem,then your work captured my
attention,then I go through your profile.I want to work with us for an
advert of a new product of animal food which agent give me the
assignment,I want you to take the shoots, I will be very
happy if you could send me some of your work. I'm interested in  you
for the professional shooting no nudity, fetish,bondage, escort and
other adult  content stuff. So if you are
interested you can get back to me. The shoot will hold at a rented
photographers studio very close to your location, the shoot will be
2hrs daily till we complete the models shooting, we would be
responsible for your transport and feeding,throughout the photo shoot,
you can bing along assistant which could
handle the expenses along with your own just for you to feel
comfortable throughout the shoot.

You have 5 different models and Fashion outfits to cover, outfit  will
be provided by our wardrobe stylist on the day of the shooting and the
shoot is just for 2 days and you will be paid $1500 for the whole
project, the Job is Urgent so you are to get back to us as soon as
possible so that we can arrange on how to get you the part payment,
meet the  models and other crew members. You would be paid the initial
payment of $400 to guarantee your participation in the shoot, as part
of our working policy and ethics of our company, we give part payment
to any client before we proceed with any job and balance immediately
after the work.As I told you earlier this project is very urgent we
will be taking
care of your payment, accommodation and other expenses. The part
payment would be mailed directly to you along side with the models
cloth allowance, shoes and costume fee for the shoot.
Location,time and date will be made known to you soon,this is to ensure that
we pick a convenient time and place for the shoot

NOTE: As soon as you get the payment, you will deduct $400 and wire
the remaining balance to the wardrobe stylist. The wardrobe stylist
will contact you as soon
as she receives all your information from us, if you are interested
kindly get back to us with your details as follows:

1. Name:

2. Studio name (optional):_____________________________________________

3. Years of experience:_____________________________________________

4. Phone#:




6. Cities:

7. State:

8. Zip Code:_____________________________________________

1. Name on check:
2. Complete Mailing Address:
3. Cities:
4. State:
5. Zip Code:_____________________________________________



Lime Crime rainbow


Lime Crime rainbow. What colors did I not use? Pictured above:

Mischief Managed, Siren, Shoe Addict, Empress (randomly placed on lids)

New Yolk City on lips

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