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Etiquette is a concept universally applied

When people hear the word "etiquette," some tend to think of saying "please" and "thank you." However, etiquette is a concept that applies to many situations such as in dating and business and is not limited to "minding p's and q's."  Professionalism and etiquette seem to no longer be taught in or out of school.  In an age of text messaging, people have grown accustomed to being less than professional in their correspondences.

An Orlando area professional office posting for interns was met with a plethora of responses. "hi im looking for job need to apply cuz jason told me bout it," is not an appropriate introduction and will not garner the attention of an employer.  An appropriate introduction would have been, "Dear Sir/Madame: I learned about the internship opportunity from Dr. Smith and am interested in applying."  Employers do give leeway to college students but this is the real world, and applicants, ripe or not, are expected to display themselves professionally.

Even in online dating, people tend to be too casual, which leads to less than a stellar first impression. To get someone's attention, some people initiate communications with text lingo.  Many people on dating sites are busy professionals seeking motivated, intelligent mates who can formulate complete sentences beyond, "wassup hotie?" Dating and job seeking are similar in that we must make great first impressions to be selected. 

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Lime Crime makeup review part deux

In an effort to examine if Lime Crime Makeup can withstand Orlando's weather changes, Lime Crime products were used for this review. Today's Valentine look was created usingLime Crime Makeup eyeshadows and lipstick.  Urban Decay lid primer potion was used as a base on the lids up to the brow. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation / Loose was used all over the face with Mac Cosmetics Beyond Bronze under the cheekbones.

Lime Crime Top Hattie was used under the browbone.  Cupcake Thief was used in the inner corner of the brow to the nose and the center of the lid under the crease.  Citrus Girl was used on the inner corners of the eye from the nose to the lid under Cupcake Thief.  Abracadabra was used on the outer corners of the lid.  Siren was used in the crease.  Mischief Managed was used on the top lid as liner.  Dragon Scales was used as liner under the lower lid to create depth and add a high definition flare.  Lime Criminal was lined under Dragon Scales and extended outward with a space between that and the other colors.  The look was finished with Centrafuchsia.

These colors were selected as Valentine roses are typically red, white, and/or pink, and roses tend to have rich green stems, bright sepals, and golden, yellow pollen.  Without using lid primer, the pale pink, yellow, and lime colors washed out on the tanned skin tone leaving behind only a shimmer.  With primer, the colors lightly stained the lid.  The red, fuchsia, and grass green colors were vibrant but applied in layers.  The colors are beautiful, but some did require multiple layers to create the vibrance on a darker skin that they would have created in less steps on lighter skin. The lipstick was creamy but drying; although, it did last long.

Orlando and the people are full of color and flair, so Lime Crime shadows are a great match for color options. The lipsticks can withstand humidity, which is great for hurricane season. The shadows really need primer to last through rain, humidity, and the oils naturally created by our bodies.

In the future, it would be nice to see Lime Crime with lip and eye shades of royal blue, electric purple, and true orange.  Cosmopop and Great Pink Planet can be layered to create a coral color, which is a typical Florida color.  The line is a bit pricey, so check their FaceBook page and website often for special offers. 


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Fun with 1920s makeup

Being in Orlando does not preclude us from having fun with makeup. We should continually be inspired by our surroundings as well as previous eras. To add authenticity to time period looks, hair style and wardrobe are keys.
Orlando Actress, Val Vaughan, hair stylist, Judy Choeun, and this author reunited for a collaboration, which will be revealed in the coming days. To prepare you for this 1920s inspired blast from the past, here are some tips to creating an authentic look.
Hair: women typically wore their hair short with finger waves. Some of you may remember having to watch Bernice Bobs Her Hair in school. Shelley Duvall starred as Bernice. The hair style really brought together the makeup and clothes.
Clothes:  calf length, dropped waist dresses were risque but in style. For date nights, women wore flapper dresses. Knee exposure was quite a spectacle but paved the way for us to wear mini skirts today.
Makeup:  rosy cheeks, dark eyes, burgundy lips, and natural looking face powder. Those who could not afford makeup learned nifty little tricks such as pinching the cheeks and putting candy on the lips to create a stain.
Stay tuned to see what we created...
To hire Val Vaughan, please email her at Judy Choeun's rates begin at $25.00 depending on assignment and hair type. Judy can be reached at

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1920s with Val Vaughan

The Valentine look with Orlando actress, Val Vaughan, seemed to be fairly popular, so we were delighted to work together again. Val is a wonderful model and has always been very professional in her interactions with me. She has a look that can easily be transformed to diversify her characters and roles in the entertainment industry. From her comp card, she may appear as a standard, run of the mill, blond haired, blue eyed, Caucasian, but she is far from standard, ordinary, or run of the mill! We had such a great shoot, her photos will be featured here in two parts. A special thanks to Judy Choeun for being an amazing hair stylist once again.
To create the 1920s inspired look of Thelma Todd and other famous actresses of that era, we searched through Val's closet to find clothes similar to what was worn back then. The clothes and hair enhanced the makeup. Bad wardrobe or hair can greatly ruin a makeup look. It would behoove models to learn to do their own hair and makeup, since there are many instances in Orlando where makeup artists and hair stylists are not available.
  • Prep: MAC face primer with SPF, MAC lip conditioner, green and yellow color corrector.
  • Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer; Smashbox WISH for the Perfect Palette 2009 - light, grayed blue, deep blue; MAC phonebook eyeliner; the eyebrows were groomed and an eyebrow pencil was used.
  • Cheeks: MAC fleur power powder blush.
  • Lips: MAC lipstick in media.
To book Val for a gig, email her project specifics. Val is endorsed on Orlando Spotlight for her professionalism.

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Lime Crime contest - let's get Orlando on the makeup map Continue reading on Lime Crime contest - let’s get Orlando on the makeup map - Orlando Makeup |

Lime Crime Makeup is hosting a Valentine Day Themed contest on FaceBook.  According to their page, winners will receive a Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper, Lime Crime Lipstick of choice, & two of their eyeshadows (winner's choice). To enter, upload a photo to their FaceBook fan page.  Looks do not have to be with their products but must remind viewers of Valentines, and apparently, looks must be on the submitter's own face.  We are still waiting to receive word as to whether or not artists can have their talent submit their photos as well.  Deadline to upload will be Sunday, January 27, 2011, and a winner is to be selected the following day (01/28/2011).

Hopefully Orlando makeup artists and enthusiasts will enter the contest. Let us work together to try and get Orlando on the makeup trend map! It would be nice to get lines such as Lime Crime and Sugar Pill in Orlando.  

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Valentine's day gift ideas for yourself that he will like

The countdown to Valentine's day begins... Only six days left, and you are running out of time for perfect, Valentine's day gift ideas. Below are a couple of my picks for great gifts - perfect for any loved one with a love for makeup or even yourself.

Benefit Cosmetics:
  • Finding Mr. Bright. A four product gift set with sample sizes of the most important things you need to refresh your look throughout the day. Creamy, smooth, and delightful. Lighten up, brighten up, and feel sexy.



  • Heartbreaker Lip Shine. Ultra smooth. Ultra shiny. Ultra juicy. Ultra kissable. Great gloss to make him lust those luscious lips.
  • Violet Vixen Kit. One dark eyeliner, one black mascara, one peachy pink golden shimmery lip gloss, and an eyeshadow quad with grayish taupe, bone, violet, and cool purple. Create a soft, romantic smokey look with this kit.

Smashbox and Stila are available online or at:

  • ULTA - Winter Park Village, 520 N. Orlando Avenue, Winter Park , FL 32789 (407-643-9129)
  • ULTA - Orlando Square, 1718 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando , FL 32809 (407-858-9893)
  • SEPHORA - FLORIDA MALL, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando , FL 32809 (407-240-6634)
  • The Florida Mall Sephora at JCPenney, 8001 S Orange Blossom Ste 700, ORLANDO , FL 32809 (407-851-5200)
  • ULTA - Altamonte Springs Mall, 451 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs , FL 32701 (407-260-6563)
  • ULTA - Waterford Lakes Town Center, 841 Alafaya Trail, Orlando , FL 32828 (407-384-8488)

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What not to do on a talent interview

Freelance Orlando Makeup Artist tells us about a gosee gone bad.

Q: What is a gosee?

A: A gosee is the term used for a modeling interview and is the equivalent of a job interview. Using analogies, models are employees or self-contractors, and agents, photographers, companies, etc. are like employers / clients. To obtain a job, one typically submits a resume and attends an interview wherein the potential employer asks questions to get to know the candidate. It is professional to take your resume to an interview and ask questions.

Q: Why is a gosee or job interview necessary?

A: An interview is necessary to see if the employee will be well suited with the employer.

A male model who has been modeling part-time for three years asked me what is a gosee and why it is necessary. He also said that I may obtain all of his information from the internet. I asked, "Do you tell all of your potential employers to find your information online?"

He said, "Yes. I have never been on an interview."

Upon entering the location, he said, "You can smile." I really enjoy, as a potential employer / client, when a contractor / employee gives me permission to smile. His demeanor was not outgoing. It was obnoxious. I tried to set aside my perception of him to see if he could prove me wrong. He brought no samples of his work except for some photos on a digital camera. I explained that I would not be able to keep a paper file for him for future referrals.

"What's a paper file?" he asked.

I proceeded to explain it to him: it is a file with paper documents such as photos, resumes, references, etc.

He inquired, "Why would you keep a paper file?"

I explained that I know people in the industry that often ask me for referrals. I have a friend in Los Angeles who runs his own modeling publication / magazine. I have a friend that is a video producer / film maker in Maryland. People are continually asking me for referrals and to assist with casting. I have worked with small businesses who do not have a lot of advertising funds but offer tear sheets as compensation for models who work for trade. With a paper file, I can copy and distribute, with the talent's permission, to other industry professionals and those who are less technologically inclined. Additionally, as I can be considered "tough," a referral means I endorse someone's behavior, attitude, personality, professionalism, etc. As Dawn said, I am not "tough," I am someone who knows what needs to be done and how to get it done. Strictly business. Other industry professionals make me appear as Mother Theresa in comparison.

He inquired as to why I do not keep a website or online portfolio, then, after giving a tutorial on how to use his very low-end, pocket, consumer digital camera, he proceeded to argue with me and tell me how to use the internet, why I need to use it, and, well, it continued. I have assisted many people without SLR cameras, so I think I am fairly competent, as well as being a photographer, to know how to push an arrow button without explanation.

He then asked, "What do I need to get this started?"

"I would need to see photos depicting your range and depth, facial expressions, to know I will not be working with Zoolander."

"What is range? Depth? What facial expressions?" he asked as he turned to a teenager when they both saw my stoic facial expression.

After I explained what range, depth, and facial expressions are, and after seeing his blank, glazed over facial expression, as if I had lost him at the train tracks while he was stuck at a red light, I said, "These are things models know. One is either born with the talent or goes to school to learn it."

He responded, "I need people to tell me what to do. Photographers have to tell me how to pose and look."

As many of you know -- especially if you have watched "America's Next Top Model," which is a great representation of the type of modeling industry with which I was involved as opposed to promotional modeling or "consumer modeling" as I call it -- industry professionals will not waste time training or directing models. Models must move fluidly and PRACTICE!

After discussing the alcoholism and suicide project, he started to tell me how he should be posing, the scene setting, how I should compose the shoot, where I should stand, and how I should, basically, do my job. As I attempted to convey the project purpose is to capture alcoholism in a way that those who are not alcoholics typically see it, he started interrupting and arguing with me. The project is not looking for things we would expect to see. No one expects to see someone hungover at a park in the day or a teenager drinking at a bus stop. Alcoholism can affect anyone of any age and any lifestyle. He asked, "And you know about it?"

"To an extent."

"What makes you qualified?"

"I have a degree."

"In alcoholism?"

"That was a certificate," I replied.

His tone and manner were very condescending and arrogant. Finally, as he was leaving, his parting words were, "Have a better day." While I really do appreciate a potential contractor giving me permission to have a better day, my day could not have been any better unless I won the lottery. I really do value that he has the qualifications and intelligence to somehow magically know I was having a not so better day considering my day was as good as it typically is.

In this case, a gosee proved the talent unprofessional, unprepared, and difficult with whom to work. Therefore, Zoolander would be expected, as well as a diva type attitude on the shoot.

Professionalism is about attitude, demeanor, behavior, manner, etc. It is not strictly how long one has been in any particular industry.

Please learn from the above interview and try not to tell employers (in or out of the entertainment industry) or industry professionals how to do their jobs, run their businesses, or what they should do! This is not professional nor does it exhibit etiquette. While it is good to ask questions, try researching online as well.

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Photography Services


Rates begin at $30.00.

$200.00 for one hour including makeup and model guidance. Depending on how many images are produced, this rate may also include 250 standard sized business cards, 100 comp cards, or other such model marketing materials.

$275.00 for two hours including makeup and model guidance. Depending on how many images are produced, this rate may also include 250 standard sized business cards, 100 comp cards, or other such model marketing materials.

$300.00 for three hours including makeup and model guidance. Depending on how many images are produced, this rate may also include 250 standard sized business cards, 100 comp cards, or other such model marketing materials.

A travel fee outside of Orange and Seminole Counties may be assessed. Images will be uploaded to for client retrieval, saving, and printing.

Clients will receive limited copyright in that they cannot seek remuneration for the photos but can use them for personal (ie friends, family) or professional (self promotion) use. The artist retains unrestricted rights to tge images created.

All photos released will bear a non intrusive copyright mark.
A $100 non refundable deposit is required one week in advance and can be paid through PayPal.
Shoots can be scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays depending on artist availability.

Clients are responsible for their own hair and wardrobe at their discretion.

A hair stylist can be available for $40 for the first look. Each hour can be a different look.

The clock starts when the artist arrives or at the scheduled shoot time, whichever is later. The clock is not contingent on when clients arrive on set. Example: if the shoot begins at 09:00, and the artist arrives at 08:30, the clock begins at 09:00. If the artist arrives at 09:15, the clock begins at 09:15.

Clients must have clothes ready as the artist will not waste the client's scheduled time allotted on account of wardrobe issues. Makeup looks should be discussed prior to the shoot if clients have something specific in mind.

If clients give 24 hours notice of cancellation, the deposit can be reused to reschedule. If clients do not confirm that they are attending and on the way to the shoot within two hours prior to the start of the shoot, they are considered "no shows" and forfeit the deposit.

Communication the day of the shoot is important due to unforeseen weather conditions. If the shoot must be rescheduled due to weather or emergency of the artist, the deposit will be used to reschedule.

A pre shoot meeting is advisable to ensure the artist and client(s) can produce the best possible images.

Clients may be eligible for feature or spotlight on websites with which the artist is affiliated. This assists clients with "brand" recognition, promotion, and marketing.

Sample Sites: