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1920s with Val Vaughan

The Valentine look with Orlando actress, Val Vaughan, seemed to be fairly popular, so we were delighted to work together again. Val is a wonderful model and has always been very professional in her interactions with me. She has a look that can easily be transformed to diversify her characters and roles in the entertainment industry. From her comp card, she may appear as a standard, run of the mill, blond haired, blue eyed, Caucasian, but she is far from standard, ordinary, or run of the mill! We had such a great shoot, her photos will be featured here in two parts. A special thanks to Judy Choeun for being an amazing hair stylist once again.
To create the 1920s inspired look of Thelma Todd and other famous actresses of that era, we searched through Val's closet to find clothes similar to what was worn back then. The clothes and hair enhanced the makeup. Bad wardrobe or hair can greatly ruin a makeup look. It would behoove models to learn to do their own hair and makeup, since there are many instances in Orlando where makeup artists and hair stylists are not available.
  • Prep: MAC face primer with SPF, MAC lip conditioner, green and yellow color corrector.
  • Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer; Smashbox WISH for the Perfect Palette 2009 - light, grayed blue, deep blue; MAC phonebook eyeliner; the eyebrows were groomed and an eyebrow pencil was used.
  • Cheeks: MAC fleur power powder blush.
  • Lips: MAC lipstick in media.
To book Val for a gig, email her project specifics. Val is endorsed on Orlando Spotlight for her professionalism.

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