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Model etiquette with Mireya Oyola

Many Orlando models forget their manners and exhibit a lack of professionalism when dealing with people who are not agencies but who can still assist them with their careers. There are many roles of people who can provide industry assistance including photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, talent scouts, and more. Orlando has a very commercial market full of bikini clad, bottle blondes, with implants, model wannabes, and promotional models who bare it all just to get noticed. Those types eventually appear in local publications that lead to Hustler and Playboy. Along the way, they rarely show appreciation for any females or those they deem to be "lower life forms" who have helped them further their careers. They flirt with male photographers and try to manipulate shoots to get what they want like whiny, spoiled children.
It is rare to find someone in the modeling industry who genuinely shows appreciation for opportunities afforded to them be it paid or not. They always formally address photographers, artists, stylists, and agents, and they always say "please" and "thank you." These models are usually somewhat timid, because they do not rely on their bodies to get a head in life (no pun intended). They rely on their personalities, skills, and minds. It is not that they do not have superb figures. It is that they have self-respect.
That being said, it was a pleasure to have worked with Mireya Oyola, who is represented by MTM Orlando (John Casablancas in Longwood). Agency representatives, Gina and Brittany, worked to find the appropriate talent for review and scheduled a gosee / information session with the models. Mireya exhibited enthusiasm, followed up via email, submitted the requested items, arrived at the shoot early, was prepared with appropriate wardrobe, and was eager to learn. She took direction and constructive criticism well and has been practicing for her upcoming shoot to appear on the Orlando Makeup Examinercolumn, and for that, Mireya Oyola is a model of etiquette. Judy Choeun provided hair styling services. We look forward to working again with Mireya.