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Loose vs. Pressed Powders

Clients ask if I prefer, as a freelance makeup artist in Orlando, loose or pressed powders. Personally, I prefer loose. I spent an entire day crushing my pressed powders to make them loose. The advantage of loose powder, for me, is flexibility and control. I can get more pigment on my brush with a mere dip, and I can control how much I want. The downside is fallout and messes. Another advantage I have by using loose powders is using them as pigments in fluids, such as foundations and airbrush makeup, to create custom colors and special effects. If not mixed properly, the fluids may have powdery after effects that are messy. I enjoy creating custom colors to match my mood. Most often I prefer bright, bold colors such as lime, lemon, aqua, and raspberry. Sometimes it is difficult to find such airbrush colors or lipsticks. Matte shadows usually lack slip, making it quite a task to grab on the brush or mix. Crushing the color makes it more versatile. Pigments and powders can intensify lipsticks and emollient products as well as make them less likely to "run." If mixing with fluids, mix well to avoid the powder settling at the bottom under the fluid.

For beginners and non artisans, I recommend pressed powder. It is less messy.

Recipes for Newbies:

Lime Crime Shoe Addict + Lime Crime No She Didn't

MAC Cosmetics Neon Orange + Acid Orange

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