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Adventures through the iPad 2 pandemonium

Arrived at Altamonte Springs Apple store at 1706 on Friday, March 11, 2011. The line must have had at least 1000 people - all flocking like sheep to be the first of their friends to foolishly purchase an iPad 2. The manager walked through the lines telling us the AT&T 16GB & 32GB white and Verizon 16GB & 32GB were already gone. At approximately 18:30, we were notified that all claim checks were accounted for to the remaining 200 people ahead of us. Still roughing it out for the powerful little pad, we stayed in line. Naturally there was attrition, but some of us were pesky little buggers.

The manger frequented the line saying there were no more devices left, so he was unsure why we were still in line. As it was, I was 15 people short. Edging up to the front of the line, at approximately 1950, someone gave up a claim check. My cohorts rejoiced in the fact that there may be hope after all. Very slowly creeping towards the door, we were again reminded that there were no more devices. At 2019, the Apple Genius came to the line. At this point, only four were ahead of me. The Genius had four claim checks. Being fair, he went down the line. The man in front of me claimed he would not settle for a 3G device. He did. His plan was to get it and return it. Then those eight little words I had been so patiently awaiting all night, “This one is yours if you want it.” It was a white Verizon 64GB. a difficult decision. What was I to do? Compromise after having spent almost 3.5 hours in line? No. I passed on the $829 model.

For me, it was a matter of determination. If I really wanted an iPad 2, the very last one was mine for the taking. It is a beautiful little device, but for $100 more, I could have gotten a MacBook. Sadly, I went home empty handed, but I did prove that persistence and patience are rewarded despite people saying things will not happen.

iPad 2 order wait time went from a few hours to 2-3 weeks in a matter of minutes. I could have ordered one online, but it was the thrill and comradery of sharing that moment of victory with fellow geeks who are slaves to technology. The Apple cult was generally docile except for one woman who complained about having stood in line for hours. Had she not left, my story may not have ended so victorious for me. Overall, the experience was unique. I had never stood in line that long - not even for a concert. Most of the Apple addicts were very polite and pleasantly engaged in conversations with their line neighbors. Perhaps there is a small portion of Orlandoans that actually do have manners and etiquette, or perhaps they are jus all iPad 2 fans.
My advice is to just order the device online.

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This article was remotely published on an Apple iPad 2. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

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Green lashing


A simple look that is not over the top for St. Patrick's day can be fun and easy to create. False eyelashes add drama and emphasis to plain eyes. For this look, fuchsia loose powder was dusted on the top lids. Dazzle Green lashes from were added to the top lids as close to the lash line as possible. A green, liquid eyeliner was used to conceal the eyelash glue on the top lids as well as to add color to the lower lids. This St. Patrick's Day party look is great for the festivities on Church Street, along Orange Avenue, at Wall Street Plaza, and at Blue Martini (Mall at Millenia). When wearing false eyelashes, always make sure your eyebrows are properly groomed! The false eyelashes will draw more attention to the eye area, so unkept brows will be a huge FAIL! Have fun, and stay safe, Orlando! 


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This article was remotely published on an Apple iPad 2. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

Notes: Photos were informal snapshots taken with Sony pocket camera. Makeup look was not polished as it was simply a sketch to experiment.

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