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Cheap makeup artists

"You get what you pay for." Cheap is not the best. Good makeup is definitely not cheap. Higher quality, higher performance brands are used by professional artists. "Affordable," or "over the counter" brands may offer pretty colors, but they typically do not survive the weather, set lights, or sweat.

Artists invest heavily in their kits, because they know the products withstand many conditions. Check portfolio samples prior to booking an artist. Look for things such as use of PhotoShop. Good artists do not "need" to digitize or graphically enhance their works. If colors look washed out, the artist is not using high performance brands. If they are using high performance brands, and makeup still looks washed out, the artist does not have adequate product knowledge to use the products properly.

Look for variation in the works. If the models or makeup all look nearly the same, the artist may lack creativity or experience. A good artist can work with a variety of face shapes, ages, and ethnicities.

If you are booking an artist, you clearly want to create memorable moments. Meet the artist to make sure s/he shares your vision. Picking colors ahead of time is also helpful.

The Orlando Makeup Junkie offers free consultations when no kit is involved. Affordable or "cheap" makeup artistry and solutions are available. For example, while normal rates are $100.00 and up, there is an option for clients that start at $35.00. Ask how you can receive this affordable makeup artistry plan for your upcoming beauty needs.