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Temporary tattoos / airbrush tattoos

Ever flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo? Afraid of needles? Afraid you may get bored looking at the same graphic every day? Too trendy for permanence?

Try an airbrush tattoo! It is quick, safe, easy, and painless! You are only a spurt of air away from sporting a stylish piece of art on your body. Depending on "ink" or paint used as well as how much contact is made (eg. touching / rubbing the area), temporary tattoos can last anywhere a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. Most long lasting paints are alcohol based and can be removed with regular rubbing alcohol.

Temporary airbrush tattoos are great for children, birthday parties, holidays, Halloween, special events, girls or boys night out, and more. Contact us at 407-505-0OMJ to schedule and appointment or book a session.

Airbrush tanning and makeup services also available.