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Etiquette of Casselberry contra dancing


Care to cut a rug? Got bit by the dancing bug? Secret Lake Park is venue to Casselberry's contra dancing the last Saturday of every month. For $10.00 donations, you can dance the night away with this friendly crowd. Even if you are sitting in the corner, males and females both invite you on the floor. Contra dancing appears similar to square dancing with remnants of swing. This style of dancing is for families but appears to attract mostly people over 40. It is a fun way to stay in shape. Do not know how to contra dance? No problem! Experienced participants are kind enough to pair themselves with new comers. Some of the foot work gets a tad fancy, so be prepared to be slightly confused at first. Others can take a cue from the manners and pleasantry of contra dancers. They are typically convivial and spritely. For more information, visit the website.

Jacqueline Kerr retro glam


A different look for her.

Psychedelic trip hop funk


Slip and slide down the psychedelic funk train where funk is fabulous. Swirly, twirly, iridescent colors infuse the eyes. Pearlized pigments give skin a healthy, natural glow. Add pearlized pigment to your favorite moisturizer to create a new aura. If your skin is very dry, you can add the pigment with a little essential oil. Some have even added the pigment and essential oil to their foundations.

A nice Easter glow is depicted in the photo. A light, iridescent lavender was paired with a graceful, iridescent teal. Lavender was applied over the lid to the crease. Teal was applied at the crease line and just above.the teal was also applied thinly but densely on the outer quarter of the top lid as liner.

Leaves & Roots and the Vitamin Shop offer essential oils. They may also be available at places such as the Body Shop.

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