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MAC Cosmetics Prolongwear foundation and lipstick review

During a trial of the product, Prolongwear foundation did not blend easily. Application required a lot of brushing to properly blend the product. Once applied, the product was grainy and did not blend well on the skin. It was layered over Fix+ Spray and Prep and Prime Skin. There are few colors available, so selecting the right one is tricky. To finish the look, only bronzer was applied for a flawless complexion. It lasted through the gym, a shower, and a nap. This product requires an oil based cleanser, or, at the very least, baby oil. Prolongwear lipstick withstood tea, water, and the rain! The lipstick shades are few but fabulous and include purple. Prolongwear concealer is creamier than the foundation and provides better coverage. A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly. Makeup artists may opt to stock the concealer instead of the foundation as it is cheaper and lasts just as long. MAC Cosmetics is available online, at the MAC Store at Mall at Millenia (pro store), the MAC Store at the Florida Mall, and some major department stores. If visiting the Mall at Millenia, be sure to ask for Roland, Kevin, Juan, or Robin. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Natural beauty naturally attained with Mac Cosmetics

Women are often compared to unrealistic ideals of what women should be in a physical sense. These portrayals are perpetuated by the media's plea for sex to sell products. Bra ads use teenage girls, which precludes women in their 40s and now in their 20s from feeling sexy. The key to feeling sexy is recognizing one's own strengths, feeling confident, and realizing we all have natural beauty - granted some more than others. There are simple things to learn about ourselves to increase our sex appeals such as facial expressions, gesticulation, and mannerisms. A good way to start is to look in the mirror and practice such gestures. To feel sexier, dress sexier in an age appropriate manner. Another trick is to avoid looking the same daily. For example: if one wears cosmetics daily, what separates her look when she is dressed for a special occasion?

Creating a natural look with minimal makeup is not very time consuming - especially for working women and mothers on the go.

Cleanse the face with a product such as Lightful Foaming Creme Cleanser. Gently dab Fast Response Eye Cream under the eye. Apply a light moisturizer such as Studio Moisture Cream to entire face, neck, and down to blouse line. For a dewy, iridescent look, substitute Studio Moisture Creme with Strobe Cream or Strobe Lotion. If your skin is oily, you can either use Oil Control Lotion or skip moisturizer and use a very light moisturizing foundation. Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 works well. It is a lightly tinted, moisturizer. Face and Body Foundation works for a light, water resistant coverage. For light coverup, Select Moisturecover is a nice option. Depending on your complexion, Blushcreme in Ladyblush or Posey create a nice, lightly rosy appearance. A powder alternative to blush is Mineralize Blush in Love Thing or Gentle. If your face feels a little sticky or dewy, and you do not like that feeling, you can lightly dust Select Sheer Loose over your makeup to set the look. Top off with Lip Gelee in Amber Rush and PlushLash Mascara in the color closest to your natural lash color. To add a little emphasis to your look, lightly line the top eyelid as close to the lash line as possible with brown or black depending on your natural hair color.

A nice dramatic look can be attained by lining the eyes with a color that is the same or similar to the color that circles your iris. A neutral beige eye shadow can be added to the top lid with a slightly darker color extending to the crease depending on eye shape. Lightly dusting a taupe color to the bottom lid creates a High Definition look.

All products mentioned above are Mac Cosmetics, which can be purchased at the Florida Mall, Mall at Millenia (pro shop), and some major department stores.

Airbrush makeup artist Orlando, Florida (FL)

Need an airbrush makeup artist in Orlando? High definition makeup artist in Orlando? Temporary tattoo artist in Orlando? Airbrush tanning in Orlando? Face and body painting in Orlando?

Now, not only can you find an airbrush makeup artist in Orlando, you can purchase airbrush makeup and highly pigmented powders to mix any color imaginable!

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., is scheduled to launch an online store for Thanksgiving 2012. This store will be targeted towards professional makeup artists; however, beginners / novices, intermediates, and enthusiasts will be welcome.

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., will offer airbrush demonstrations (usage and cleaning), makeovers, tanning, temporary tattoos, and more. The store will also have a mobile component for those who are busy and would like to see the products prior to purchasing them.

Services will be available in most parts of Florida from Orlando to Tampa and Miami.

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc.

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., will be carrying pigment powders from, false eyelashes from, and airbrush cosmetics. The online store is scheduled to launch around Thanksgiving 2012, while the mobile beauty store is scheduled for October 2012.

If you do not have time and/or have not tried Medusa or the other lines, schedule an appointment with the to meet you at a convenient location to assess and fill your beauty needs. Have friends who are also interested? Schedule a beauty party! Need a makeover? Want to try temporary tattoos? Airbrush tan? The OMJ has you covered!

Let's make beauty together.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. I am proud to be a junkie. Makeup is my drug.

Temporary tattoos / airbrush tattoos

Ever flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo? Afraid of needles? Afraid you may get bored looking at the same graphic every day? Too trendy for permanence?

Try an airbrush tattoo! It is quick, safe, easy, and painless! You are only a spurt of air away from sporting a stylish piece of art on your body. Depending on "ink" or paint used as well as how much contact is made (eg. touching / rubbing the area), temporary tattoos can last anywhere a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. Most long lasting paints are alcohol based and can be removed with regular rubbing alcohol.

Temporary airbrush tattoos are great for children, birthday parties, holidays, Halloween, special events, girls or boys night out, and more. Contact us at 407-505-0OMJ to schedule and appointment or book a session.

Airbrush tanning and makeup services also available.

#ProductLaunch @NYXcosmetics at @Sears


NYX invited two artists to participate at each location for their product launches at Sears. Graciously, I accepted this great opportunity.

Pink glow with Temptu Pro

A nice pink glow can be achieved by mixing 2:1 Temptu Pro @temptupro s/b 028 & 045. Works well on medium to dark skin.

Natural / Neutral for burger night


Temptu Pro: s/b toffee, cappuccino, nectar, champagne shimmer, concealer wheel

Mac: studio fix mascara, studio fix powder

Urban Decay: 24/7 eye shadow pencils in sin, ju ju, & rehab; 24/7 eyeliner pencils in corrupted & rockstar; 24/7 naked lip liner; naked lipstick

OCC: red iron oxide lip tar

Mac @temptupro @urbandecay411


The face was primed with Temptu Pro s/b primer. Golden Olive was sprayed evenly to face. Taupe was used for minor contouring of cheeks and nose and slightly in crease of eye area. Blush was sprayed to cheek area and sparsely over eye lids. Mac studio sculpt concealer and studio fix powder were used to conceal under eye circles. Urban Decay baked, half baked, and twice baked were used on upper lids creating an outward gradient of light to dark. The upper lid was accentuated with bourbon liner, and the lower lid was lightly lined with Rockstar. Mac Mellow Mood lipstick was used to complete the look.

This is a nice, natural look with emphasis on the eyes. It can be worn day or night.

Makeup should enhance one's natural beauty and features. Sometimes makeup is for fun. That is when one plays with an explosion of colors such as in earlier posts.

@temptupro @kettcosmetics @urbandecay411


The face was primed with Temptu Pro silicone based primer. Temptu Pro Concealer Wheel was used in the under eye area. Kett Set Powder was used to set the concealed area.

Golden Honey was airbrush sprayed evenly over entire face. Dark Cocoa was used to lowlight and sculpt the cheekbones and sides of nose for a more defined look. Nectar was sprayed on the cheeks for a healthy, natural, warm glow. Black was used with the Temptu Pro Airbrow Stencil that best matched the natural brow shape.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II was used first by priming the lids with Primer Potion. Zero was used to line the lids and create the extended or cat eye shape. Misdemeanor and a purple color were used to create the smokey effect; however, any color can be used as the focus is on Zero and the outer cat eye area.

Sphinx was used as a highlighter above cheekbones, middle of brows, down center strip of nose, and in Cupid's bow (upper lip). Naked lipstick was applied to lips.