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The face was primed with Temptu Pro silicone based primer. Temptu Pro Concealer Wheel was used in the under eye area. Kett Set Powder was used to set the concealed area.

Golden Honey was airbrush sprayed evenly over entire face. Dark Cocoa was used to lowlight and sculpt the cheekbones and sides of nose for a more defined look. Nectar was sprayed on the cheeks for a healthy, natural, warm glow. Black was used with the Temptu Pro Airbrow Stencil that best matched the natural brow shape.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II was used first by priming the lids with Primer Potion. Zero was used to line the lids and create the extended or cat eye shape. Misdemeanor and a purple color were used to create the smokey effect; however, any color can be used as the focus is on Zero and the outer cat eye area.

Sphinx was used as a highlighter above cheekbones, middle of brows, down center strip of nose, and in Cupid's bow (upper lip). Naked lipstick was applied to lips.