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Mireya Oyola soft pink Valentine's Day look

Orlando model, Mireya Oyola, was so delightful, I asked her to test shoot and play with a few makeup ideas. If you recall her last set with me, you will notice a drastic difference - not only in her makeup, but also in her manner. Some looks we created were winners. Others were not, but we had fun trying. Mireya was not allowed to look in the mirror until after a few photos were snapped, so she had absolutely no idea what was in store for her. She is so easy going and sweet that her face lit up each time she glanced in the mirror to remove the looks. She did not seem to want to take them off!

  • Preparation: Due to trying four looks in less than a couple hours, we did not prepare Mireya's skin. We wanted the makeup to remove quickly and easily without much staying power. In between looks, we used Ponds Cold Cream, which is an affordable, miracle product that removes makeup easily without water and makes the skin soft and creamy. Her face was set with loose powder.
  • Eyes: On the eyes we used a light, iridescent pinkish orange color over the inner corner. A light but robust pink on the outer half. A cranberry type color in the crease, and a pale nude beige color to smooth the edges. White eyeliner was used in the waterline, and a taupe was used under the eye to create a high definition look. Black eyeliner was used on the top lid to conceal the false, strip, Revlon lashes.
  • Cheeks: A shimmery bright pink was used on the cheeks.
  • Lips: to keep the look soft, we used a light, bright pink that is almost the same as Mireya's natural lip color. It enhanced her natural lips.

Hopefully you find this last Valentine's Day makeup look easy to try. It looks nice for grammy parties also!

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