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Val Vaughan 1920s part 2

  • Welcome to another round of photos of Orlando actress Val Vaughan. We had extra photos, so why not post them now? The other set of photos from the original article was altered to give an antique effect to more capture a 1920s feel. As an actress, Val knows the importance of being prepared and carrying her own makeup bag to gigs. She is always armed with mascara, face primer, moisturizer, and lip gloss. 

In case you may have missed the first article, Val is wearing the below products.

  • Prep: MAC face primer with SPF, MAC lip conditioner, green and yellow color corrector.

  • Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer; Smashbox WISH for the Perfect Palette 2009 - light, grayed blue, deep blue; MAC phonebook eyeliner; the eyebrows were groomed and an eyebrow pencil was used.

  • Cheeks: MAC fleur power powder blush.

  • Lips: MAC lipstick in media.

Why did we dedicate a few articles to Val? Her look is very versatile, and even with the same makeup, she can look completely different, because that is just how good she is. Adding a hat and accessories also contribute to changing looks. Makeup should enhance natural beauty unless it is for a specific effect. Older Floridians tend to stick with corals or bright orange lipsticks and leathery tanned smokers skin. It is the hope of this columnist to help change their outlooks.

To book Val for a gig, email her project specifics. Val is endorsed on Orlando Spotlight for her professionalism. Makeup and photography by the artist collective, MemePhysis. Hair by Judy Choeun.

MAC Cosmetics are available on their website, at the MAC Store in Florida Mall, the MAC Pro Store in Mall at Millenia, and some major department stores.

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Model etiquette with Mireya Oyola

Many Orlando models forget their manners and exhibit a lack of professionalism when dealing with people who are not agencies but who can still assist them with their careers. There are many roles of people who can provide industry assistance including photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, talent scouts, and more. Orlando has a very commercial market full of bikini clad, bottle blondes, with implants, model wannabes, and promotional models who bare it all just to get noticed. Those types eventually appear in local publications that lead to Hustler and Playboy. Along the way, they rarely show appreciation for any females or those they deem to be "lower life forms" who have helped them further their careers. They flirt with male photographers and try to manipulate shoots to get what they want like whiny, spoiled children.
It is rare to find someone in the modeling industry who genuinely shows appreciation for opportunities afforded to them be it paid or not. They always formally address photographers, artists, stylists, and agents, and they always say "please" and "thank you." These models are usually somewhat timid, because they do not rely on their bodies to get a head in life (no pun intended). They rely on their personalities, skills, and minds. It is not that they do not have superb figures. It is that they have self-respect.
That being said, it was a pleasure to have worked with Mireya Oyola, who is represented by MTM Orlando (John Casablancas in Longwood). Agency representatives, Gina and Brittany, worked to find the appropriate talent for review and scheduled a gosee / information session with the models. Mireya exhibited enthusiasm, followed up via email, submitted the requested items, arrived at the shoot early, was prepared with appropriate wardrobe, and was eager to learn. She took direction and constructive criticism well and has been practicing for her upcoming shoot to appear on the Orlando Makeup Examinercolumn, and for that, Mireya Oyola is a model of etiquette. Judy Choeun provided hair styling services. We look forward to working again with Mireya.

Val Vaughan 1920s makeup

The Valentine look with Orlando actress, Val Vaughan, seemed to be fairly popular, so we were delighted to work together again. Val is a wonderful model and has always been very professional in her interactions with me. She has a look that can easily be transformed to diversify her characters and roles in the entertainment industry. From her comp card, she may appear as a standard, run of the mill, blond haired, blue eyed, Caucasian, but she is far from standard, ordinary, or run of the mill! We had such a great shoot, her photos will be featured here in two parts. A special thanks to Judy Choeun for being an amazing hair stylist once again.

To create the 1920s inspired look of Thelma Todd and other famous actresses of that era, we searched through Val's closet to find clothes similar to what was worn back then. The clothes and hair enhanced the makeup. Bad wardrobe or hair can greatly ruin a makeup look. It would behoove models to learn to do their own hair and makeup, since there are many instances in Orlando where makeup artists and hair stylists are not available.

  • Prep: MAC face primer with SPF, MAC lip conditioner, green and yellow color corrector.

  • Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer; Smashbox WISH for the Perfect Palette 2009 - light, grayed blue, deep blue; MAC phonebook eyeliner; the eyebrows were groomed and an eyebrow pencil was used.

  • Cheeks: MAC fleur power powder blush.

  • Lips: MAC lipstick in media.

To book Val for a gig, email her project specifics. Val is endorsed on Orlando Spotlight for her professionalism.

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Model bag

Orlando is not one of those big cities where you can get anything, anywhere, at anytime. To be a successful model in Orlando, you must be prepared. Not all makeup artists have a plethora of foundation and concealer colors to match every single skin tone. Most Orlando makeup artists tend to keep their bags light. Below are a few items to keep in your model and makeup bags.

  • foundation
  • concealer
  • primer (face and eye)
  • mascara
  • false eyelashes
  • bobby pins, hair pins (both)
  • hairspray, gel, mousse
  • hairbrush, comb
  • lip conditioner
  • moisturizer
  • Ponds cold cream (this is an amazing product that removes makeup and leaves the face soft and hydrated)
  • towel, washcloth, tissues, cotton swabs
  • notepad, pen
  • comp cards, business cards, resume
  • props / accessories (hair accessories, jewelry, flowers, anything that can enhance the theme of the shoot)

Being prepared with the above items will leave a lasting impression on industry professionals that will make you look good. For more helpful information, please visit the Meme Physis information network and artist collaborative.

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Working with a makeup artist multiple times

If you think working with a makeup artist once is sufficient, you are most likely wrong.  There are very few occasions when working with the right artist once without a consultation is not too bad.  Preparing for weddings or even your own photo shoots should be fun, but it is very advisable to schedule a consultation prior to allowing them to work on their next blank canvas - your face.

People have various quirks. No one is perfectly symetrical. An artist can detect these issues and work to correct them. Good artists study their past works to see where they can improve. GG, an Orlando Makeup Artist, can attest to this. Some tricks to makeup are trial, error, and experimentation. Many people find their comfort zones with "safe" colors such as beiges and browns. GG has shown that comfort zones can be too drab and boring by using forest green to create a smokey look on model, Sharon Kaye.

To add depth and dimension, GG used the forest green color, because it is the same color that circles the iris and brings out the eyes. This method does not look sickly or heavy such as when using browns and blacks. Navy blue is also a great choice depending on eye color.
To book GG, please contact her via email.

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Christien Marie biography

"Christien Marie, Orlando Makeup Artist, was originally drawn to makeup artistry as a means of improving self-esteem and confidence in young women.  Equipped with a social work background, she has been a volunteer for the “Look Good, Feel Better” program with the American Cancer Society designed to assist cancer patients whom are coping with beauty obstacles which ultimately result from treatment.  In working as a freelance makeup artist for the past several years, she has experience with weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots, and independent films and everything in between.  She specializes in beauty makeup but is also skilled in techniques such as avant guard and simple special effects including aging, scarring, burns, etc.  Christien is currently a full-time artist with MAC Cosmetics and continues to freelance sharing her love of makeup artistry with others." - Christien Marie.

If you would like to contact Christien Marie, please comment on this post, and we will forward her information.

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Lime Crime contest!

Lime Crime Makeup is hosting a Valentine Day Themed contest on FaceBook.  According to their page, winners will receive a Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper, Lime Crime Lipstick of choice, & two of their eyeshadows (winner's choice). To enter, upload a photo to their FaceBook fan page.  Looks do not have to be with their products but must remind viewers of Valentines, and apparently, looks must be on the submitter's own face.  We are still waiting to receive word as to whether or not artists can have their talent submit their photos as well.  Deadline to upload will be Sunday, January 27, 2011, and a winner is to be selected the following day (01/28/2011).
Hopefully Orlando makeup artists and enthusiasts will enter the contest. Let us work together to try and get Orlando on the makeup trend map! It would be nice to get lines such as Lime Crime and Sugar Pill in Orlando.

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Pretty winter lips

Even though the cold in Orlando has passed, below are a few Urban Decay lip colors you can wear should Mother Nature relapse. These colors can give you that been out in the cold all day look without having been out in the cold.  Kissable lips that men will want to warm up can be yours!

  • Lip Primer Potion, $20.00
  • 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, $17.00 - $18.00
    • Paranoid - dark pinky nude
  • Lipstick, $22.00
    • Wanted - warm berry
  • Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss (complete with men fully clothed and men in underwear), $19.00
    • David - milky mauve
What are your favorite winter lip colors for Orlando?
Urban Decay cosmetics are available in Orlando at Ulta (Altamonte Mall, Winter Park Village, and across from the Florida Mall) and Sephora (Florida Mall).

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Once upon a notebook

An Orlando woman recently shared an online dating story and asked to remain anonymous.  We will call her "Allie."  Being in Orlando, it was difficult for her to meet quality people. She spent a lot of time at work, school, raising a child alone, and trying to be everything to everyone.  One day, as Allie was writing in her journal, she received a message through an online dating site from a young man who we will call "Noah."

Noah and Allie discovered they had much in common and found each other very interesting.  After an online and telephone "courtship" for approximately two months, they agreed to meet in person.  Being a gentleman, he offered to drive 181 miles from his hometown to Orlando just to spend an amazing weekend together.

When Noah arrived in Orlando, they met at a public venue.  The first thing Allie said to him as he was handing her a rose was, "You look like you're twelve."  Allie is known for being very blunt and not always polite enough to have tact.  Noah took it well, laughed, and escorted her to the location where they began their date.  He opened all of the doors for her, held her hand, stood up when she left and returned to the table, pulled her chairs, let her exit first, and although he planned the date entirely, he accepted her input.  Allie further stated that Noah never asked her about sex or to do anything she did not want to do.  He always let her indicate if she was ready for him to make any moves.  Needless to say, there was a very healthy good night kiss, and his hands were kept to himself.

While their date occurred in June 2004, the memory will forever be imprinted in Allie's memory as if it were yesterday.  It was the first time she had met a man who was not only a complete gentleman, but also full of etiquette and grace.  Moral of the story?  Gentlemen, the little, polite things you do leave your marks on us for life.  We are more likely to remember and think fondly of you.  Proper etiquette never goes out of style.  Ladies, be patient.  Gentlemen do exist all be it few and far apart.  When you do meet him, he is a keeper, and he will be worth the wait.

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Fun with 1920s inspired makeup

Being in Orlando does not preclude us from having fun with makeup. We should continually be inspired by our surroundings as well as previous eras. To add authenticity to time period looks, hair style and wardrobe are keys.
Orlando Actress, Val Vaughan, hair stylist, Judy Choeun, and this author reunited for a collaboration, which will be revealed in the coming days. To prepare you for this 1920s inspired blast from the past, here are some tips to creating an authentic look.
  • Hair: women typically wore their hair short with finger waves. Some of you may remember having to watch Bernice Bobs Her Hair in school. Shelley Duvall starred as Bernice. The hair style really brought together the makeup and clothes.
  • Clothes: calf length, dropped waist dresses were risque but in style. For date nights, women wore flapper dresses. Knee exposure was quite a spectacle but paved the way for us to wear mini skirts today.
  • Makeup: rosy cheeks, dark eyes, burgundy lips, and natural looking face powder. Those who could not afford makeup learned nifty little tricks such as pinching the cheeks and putting candy on the lips to create a stain.
Stay tuned to see what we created...
To hire Val Vaughan, please email her at Judy Choeun's rates begin at $25.00 depending on assignment and hair type. Judy can be reached at
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