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Working with a makeup artist multiple times

If you think working with a makeup artist once is sufficient, you are most likely wrong.  There are very few occasions when working with the right artist once without a consultation is not too bad.  Preparing for weddings or even your own photo shoots should be fun, but it is very advisable to schedule a consultation prior to allowing them to work on their next blank canvas - your face.

People have various quirks. No one is perfectly symetrical. An artist can detect these issues and work to correct them. Good artists study their past works to see where they can improve. GG, an Orlando Makeup Artist, can attest to this. Some tricks to makeup are trial, error, and experimentation. Many people find their comfort zones with "safe" colors such as beiges and browns. GG has shown that comfort zones can be too drab and boring by using forest green to create a smokey look on model, Sharon Kaye.

To add depth and dimension, GG used the forest green color, because it is the same color that circles the iris and brings out the eyes. This method does not look sickly or heavy such as when using browns and blacks. Navy blue is also a great choice depending on eye color.
To book GG, please contact her via email.

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