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Lime Crime makeup review - part i

Doe Deere -- a/k/a Xenia Vorotova advertises on her blog that shipments are sent in a cute shipper (shipping box).  While I was not all that excited about a unicorn box, my box was plain white.  No big deal.  The YouTube videos and other product reviews referenced receipt of promo CDs, cards, and other items that appeared to have been personally signed by Doe Deere.  I received only a receipt.  Although I qualified for free shipping, I thought the option of spending an extra $5.00 would speed the shipping process.  It did not.  It arrived standard delivery confirmation courtesy of the USPS.  The eye shadows are $14.00 for two grams of powder.  I ordered the Magic Dust Rainbow set, which is one of each color.  The shadows will be reviewed later this week.

The lipsticks required at least two swipes for sheer coverage on my medium tanned skin.  The colors quickly absorbed into my skin, bleeding and cracking.  The consistency felt creamy and wore off quickly, but it stained terribly and has not washed off.  Baby oil will be tried later as a removal method.  I was disappointed that My Beautiful Rocket and No She Didn't were not in stock (they are undergoing vegan reformulation).  Styletto (black) did cover a little better than Mac Cosmetics Black Night and Midnight Media.  We shall see when I try these colors on models.  Cosmopop appeared almost flesh toned on my arm.  This is not a bad review.  It is just incomplete.  Stay tuned for a more in depth review after I test them on live subjects.