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Plumper pouts, structured brows, lashes galore

A solution for any small lipped models: MAC Cosmetics Plushglass and Sally Hansen lip plumpers. Having tried both products on myself and others, both products tingle. They work by stimulating the lips, sort of irritating them, until the lips plump. Natural ingredients are used to achieve this. There was a slight difference with Plushglass; however, one model's lips were plumper for hours with Sally Hansen, which is half the price of Plushglass. Either way, for fuller lips, try one of those two products (make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients)!

Sally Hansen lip plumper states to apply generously but make sure you apply it evenly, as during the trial, some parts of lips were plumper than others.

Need a quick fix to unnoticeable brows? MAC brow set looks like mascara but is made for eyebrows. If you cannot find the right color you need, you can always try mascara (but make sure it is smudge and water proof). If you like more shapely lashes, try Ardell Eyebrow Stencils.

Want your makeup to glide on effortlessly and flawlessly? Try MAC (tested personally) or Sally Hansen's primer (not tested personally).

Need more noticeable lashes without being took dramatic, flakey, or cakey? Try, where they carry an assortment of 11 normal to fun styles. is based in Orlando and is offering free headshots to their clients. Submit photos of you wearing their lashes for your photos to appear on their website.

MAC Cosmetics are available on their site, at the Florida Mall, Mall at Millenia, and some major department stores.