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See how bold and sassy this Lip Tar is? A tiny half bead covered all of both lips with leftovers. The color went on smoothly and had a glossy glow that contributed to the fullness of the lips. The face was prepped with typical eye cream and moisturizer. OCC Foundation in Y3 was sprayed very lightly. The OCC site says only six to eight drops are needed, but it took twenty to fully cover my face. I find that even Dinair, Temptu Pro, and MAC also require 15-20 drops. Amount of drops also depend on how much space there is to cover, how much coverage is needed, and desired effect. If darker colors are used, less product may be needed. OCC was best applied on the lowest setting of my Dinair Mini Compressor. OCC is very thin, so it requires minimal low air pressure. It feels like a cool mist just as Dinair does. Three drops of Hush gave a healthy, sun flushed glow against tan skin. Bronze was used to contour the cheeks. Hush was also sprayed on both top eyelids. It was then set with a light, sparkling pink Urban Decay eyeshadow. Mushroom was used with a pencil brush in the crease. Perversion powder shadow lined the top lids. More photos to follow. Sent from my iPod. Excuse abbreviations, brevity, typos, and tone inferred.