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Important Session / Shoot Information


The OMJ has a unique style. Faces are blank canvases to her, and each face is unique. Her concepts are planned specifically for each individual. If you are working with the OMJ for the first time, below are some things to consider. As a young model in the New York / Philadelphia areas, models used to have to take all of their clothes to shoots. Stylists picked through the clothes as makeup artists and hair stylists begin working on the models. At the end of the day, models are too tired to put all of their clothes back when they return home. The OMJ has specific ideas for each person that include some of her specialties. Models must photograph what they intend to bring to the shoot and email the wardrobe photos. The clothes can be on the ground or hangers. This gives the OMJ more insight as to what will be shot and eliminates valuable set time being wasted on selecting outfits. This also minimizes what the OMJ has to bring in her makeup kit, which is two suitcases! Models who do not email wardrobe photos prior to the scheduled shoot are not given location specifics. Wardrobe must coordinate with location to bring life to the concepts. If the session is for a look book or special project, the initial shoot is only a test shoot to see how well models perform in front of the camera. Models are expected to cover their own expenses on items that the OMJ cannot reuse. Models have wear and tear on clothes and their appearance. Clothes last longer than makeup. When makeup is used, it is depleted as a resource. Therefore, models are responsible for their own false eyelashes and accessories such as flowers. If models do not have their own false eyelashes, flowers, or other hair accessories, they must remember versatility is only what they display. If they do their own hair and makeup on each shoot, they will look the same and not have variation in their photos. Accessories, hair pins, props, etc. can be reused by the models to add flavor to their shoots. Always call the morning of the shoot before you leave to get to the shoot. This is important for several reasons: (1) it shows you are not a flake; (2) if the weather changes, you and the OMJ will be prepared; (3) if an event is taking place at the original location, the shoot may move. 407-505-0665 (OMJ)