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Tone and strengthen with resistance bands. They are compact and portable. Incorporate resistance bands in your lunch hour to start seeing results soon.

Great way to shape up after Thanksgiving! Demonstration videos coming soon!

Stability balls are also great to use as seats. They promote proper posture.

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Try Asics footwear

Active yet trendy, try Asics.  It is the ONLY brand I use, due to underpronation. They are comfortable and hug my feet. Interested in Asics? Try their LIMITED EDITION STYLE: Dynaflyte Special Edition. Gel Nimbus is my favorite for sprinting.
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ColourPop Rain Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Rain Super Shock Cheek

This is one of the few purple blushes I have been able to find that looks purple rather than a shade of pink. Get this and more ColourPop favorites at Glambot. Retail is normally $8.00, but use this link to get it for $7.20.