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Fun with 1920s inspired makeup

Being in Orlando does not preclude us from having fun with makeup. We should continually be inspired by our surroundings as well as previous eras. To add authenticity to time period looks, hair style and wardrobe are keys.
Orlando Actress, Val Vaughan, hair stylist, Judy Choeun, and this author reunited for a collaboration, which will be revealed in the coming days. To prepare you for this 1920s inspired blast from the past, here are some tips to creating an authentic look.
  • Hair: women typically wore their hair short with finger waves. Some of you may remember having to watch Bernice Bobs Her Hair in school. Shelley Duvall starred as Bernice. The hair style really brought together the makeup and clothes.
  • Clothes: calf length, dropped waist dresses were risque but in style. For date nights, women wore flapper dresses. Knee exposure was quite a spectacle but paved the way for us to wear mini skirts today.
  • Makeup: rosy cheeks, dark eyes, burgundy lips, and natural looking face powder. Those who could not afford makeup learned nifty little tricks such as pinching the cheeks and putting candy on the lips to create a stain.
Stay tuned to see what we created...
To hire Val Vaughan, please email her at Judy Choeun's rates begin at $25.00 depending on assignment and hair type. Judy can be reached at
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