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Once upon a notebook

An Orlando woman recently shared an online dating story and asked to remain anonymous.  We will call her "Allie."  Being in Orlando, it was difficult for her to meet quality people. She spent a lot of time at work, school, raising a child alone, and trying to be everything to everyone.  One day, as Allie was writing in her journal, she received a message through an online dating site from a young man who we will call "Noah."

Noah and Allie discovered they had much in common and found each other very interesting.  After an online and telephone "courtship" for approximately two months, they agreed to meet in person.  Being a gentleman, he offered to drive 181 miles from his hometown to Orlando just to spend an amazing weekend together.

When Noah arrived in Orlando, they met at a public venue.  The first thing Allie said to him as he was handing her a rose was, "You look like you're twelve."  Allie is known for being very blunt and not always polite enough to have tact.  Noah took it well, laughed, and escorted her to the location where they began their date.  He opened all of the doors for her, held her hand, stood up when she left and returned to the table, pulled her chairs, let her exit first, and although he planned the date entirely, he accepted her input.  Allie further stated that Noah never asked her about sex or to do anything she did not want to do.  He always let her indicate if she was ready for him to make any moves.  Needless to say, there was a very healthy good night kiss, and his hands were kept to himself.

While their date occurred in June 2004, the memory will forever be imprinted in Allie's memory as if it were yesterday.  It was the first time she had met a man who was not only a complete gentleman, but also full of etiquette and grace.  Moral of the story?  Gentlemen, the little, polite things you do leave your marks on us for life.  We are more likely to remember and think fondly of you.  Proper etiquette never goes out of style.  Ladies, be patient.  Gentlemen do exist all be it few and far apart.  When you do meet him, he is a keeper, and he will be worth the wait.

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