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Etiquette is a concept universally applied

When people hear the word "etiquette," some tend to think of saying "please" and "thank you." However, etiquette is a concept that applies to many situations such as in dating and business and is not limited to "minding p's and q's."  Professionalism and etiquette seem to no longer be taught in or out of school.  In an age of text messaging, people have grown accustomed to being less than professional in their correspondences.

An Orlando area professional office posting for interns was met with a plethora of responses. "hi im looking for job need to apply cuz jason told me bout it," is not an appropriate introduction and will not garner the attention of an employer.  An appropriate introduction would have been, "Dear Sir/Madame: I learned about the internship opportunity from Dr. Smith and am interested in applying."  Employers do give leeway to college students but this is the real world, and applicants, ripe or not, are expected to display themselves professionally.

Even in online dating, people tend to be too casual, which leads to less than a stellar first impression. To get someone's attention, some people initiate communications with text lingo.  Many people on dating sites are busy professionals seeking motivated, intelligent mates who can formulate complete sentences beyond, "wassup hotie?" Dating and job seeking are similar in that we must make great first impressions to be selected. 

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