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Smokey, soft, sexy

Day dreaming of all the pretty colors and trouble one can get into with makeup. Smokey smoothness, soft and subtle. Natural lip color. Let the black eyeshadow fade into the lid. Purple is dusted on the lower lid to soften the black. Smolder is smudged into the waterline. Coy Girl is dragged and blended over cheekbones. 

When she was younger, she did not dream of becoming a super star like all the other little girls. She was being groomed to be the man of the family. She was first born, which meant she had to be the son. Soccer, wrestling, football, climbing fences and trees, and not playing house were her pastimes. 

Even then, she loved looking at colorful things. Glitter, rainbows, crayons - her imagination was as vivid as a blaring television. Orlando was full of color: foliage, flowers, crystal reflections of raindrops on freshly cut St. Augustine grass, sago palms lining the entry way to the woods. Sago palms were interesting little palm trees. They seemed to take the personality of gate keepers. That could be, because people placed them in areas such to appear as hidden entry ways. There were many wooded areas in Orlando, Winter Springs, Sanford, Apopka, and Oviedo, yet each are had a life of its own.

It was disappointing that leaves did not change colors in Orlando as they had in other places with more than two seasons. Orlando only had hurricane season and not hurricane season.  Through the rain was always a glimmer of sunshine - imaginary or not. It was always best to be hopeful. When it drizzled, there appeared to be glitter falling from the sky. All she could think of were the pretty colors...

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This article was remotely published on an Apple iPad 2. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

Notes: Photos were taken with an Apple iPad 2. Stories are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people is purely coincidental.