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Emily Maynard's soft, green smoke

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are beautiful together. Their blonde hair, her green eyes, his blue eyes, and their radiant skin coupled with their chemistry, heightened the emotional Bachelor season finale. In the After the Final Rose special, Emily looked stunning with her minimalist, green, smokey eye look.  Her look was perfect for tomorrow, the Ides of March, otherwise known as March 15, and also for St. Patrick's Day! Even if you do not make it out this week for the festivities, you can still try this fashionable look during spring break.

Some excellent colors to try and recreate her look are Mac Cosmetics Humid and Bottle Green. If you are having difficulties finding the perfect dark green eyeliner, you can always take an eyeliner brush, dip it in Blacktrack Fluidline, then dust it with Bottle Green or other deep green color.  Using the brush, apply it as you would eyeliner.  Other gorgeous greens to use are emerald and jewel toned greens.  Depending on intensity, you can also opt for grassy or earthy greens. Finish with black eyeliner and mascara.  Emily was wearing a lot of mascara, and surprisingly, it did not crack, flake, or run!

If you do try this look, please email it to the talent screener for feature on the site.

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