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Casselberry contra dancing


The music blared out of Stacy's window, reminding her of a time several years ago when she felt younger. As she became lost in the music, she waltzed her way to the window for a peek. Eh. Nothing new and exciting, but she was bitten with the bug to cut a rug.

This 17th century, English country dancing, was called "contra dancing" by the French. It is similar to square dancing with a swing dancing flare. Contra dancing is inviting to families and is not an event typically associated with alcohol consumption or libations. The last Saturday of each month, contra dancing events with live entertainment is offered in Casselberry at Secret Lake Park.

There are raffles and contests such as who is wearing the most plaid. As far as fashion, matching or coordinating clothes seemed to be of minimal importance to participants. The crowd was mostly seniors, be it as they were spritely, but there was also a girl who appeared eight, a male who appeared 18, and one or two girls in their 20s.

One of the girls wore a long, flirty, white skirt that allowed us to see all as she allowed males to flip and twirl her. Her under garment was bright white, revealing, and was peeking through her see though skirt. As for makeup, many appeared to be natural and homely. A small handful of older women were wearing a lot of makeup that looked light and manufactured as if they had stepped out from behind Estee Lauder counters.

This event was informal yet, like bouncers, they demanded $10.00 donations and refused admittance to anyone volunteering less money. During thes types of dances, makeup should be kept ligh and fresh. With all of the twirling, flipping, and bouncing, makeup is sure to run. Natural skin oils and sweat can make faces "run." A nice, airy moisturizer can give a healthy glow. Also try creme blush to just dab a pinch for a burst of color. Long wearing lipstick is better than lip glosses, because gloss will wipe off during rehydration and sweating.

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