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I can if I want to

Is purple lipstick appropriate for work in Orlando? Good question. Hmmm... We would have to consider where you work, how often you would be wearing said purple lipstick, your age, the shade of purple, and your personality. 

Why are these questions important? If your personality is that of a very religious person, purple lipstick may be out of your comfort zone and may make you self conscious. If you look over 40, certain shades of purple may appear too juvenile. If you work at a courthouse, well, the judicial staff may not be enthusiastic about your experimentation with pretty colors. 

Mac Cosmetics Violetta is a beautiful shade that can be worn at professional offices on a limited or sparing basis. A bright, grape purple color may be striking at the Florida Mall, Altamonte Mall, Seminole Town Centre, or Mall at Millenia but not a medical office. 

A color such as Mac's Go for It can emphasize the yellow of one's teeth, especially in dimly lit places - clubs, bars, City Walk. If you want to ease into purple lipstick, try starting with a pink color and dusting it with purple pigment or eyeshadow. 

A beautiful purple for lighter skin tones is Mac's Lavender Whip. It's adds a nice hint of color without being bold in an obnoxious way. Lavender Whip is great at any age, but it is best on lighter skin tones. Lime Crime D'Lilac is another beautiful hint of purple. It is highly pigmented and soft on the eyes.

When experimenting with makeup looks and/or colors, take snapshots to see what works best on you. Remember fellow Orlandoans, you can if you want.   

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This article was remotely published on an Apple iPhone 3Gs. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

Notes: Photos were taken with an original Canon EOS Rebel, a Canon 7D, and an iPhone 3Gs.

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