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Fitness Support

We are told that we should exercise to keep healthy.  Why is it that companies that make bras or sporting goods only make sports bras for A-C cups?  Occasionally one can find a D cup.  Do well endowed women not need support when jogging or intensely training?

Have you tried going to get fitted by a "bra expert?"  Many women spend several years in the wrong size bras.  Most think picking up and stuffing was normal.  They think the bra band raising in the back was normal and that straps not laying flat and falling off their shoulders were normal.  Why? Victoria's Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood bra experts keep fitting people improperly.  Women waste a lot of money over the years on account of purchasing the wrong size bras that the sales staff told them would fit.  They've been told popping out was good, because it made them look bigger.

Bra models have unrealistically shaped breasts for which they have paid.  This is why our bras do not look like they fit us well, and we are deceived into thinking the wrong fitting bras are right.  Breast implanted models fit differently into bras than natural breasted women.  They have two perfect round balls that fit perfectly as in a sling shot.  Women have mounds that are not perfectly round and do not fit like the perfect balls into perfect spherical bras.  This is ridiculous.

Bras are supposed to fit with the band flat around the under part of breasts.  The band should not be higher I the back.  The band should not be pinching and accentuating back fat.  The underwire should surround the end of the breast not close to the end.  The straps should lay flat on the shoulders.  If you have a tiny frame, and your bra straps keep sliding off, you can probably go down a band size and up a cup size.  Some women will not believe how big they are, because they are made to believe that their non manufactured breasts are tiny.  Not all breasts are perfectly up front.  Some women have breast mass that fall to the sides.  Try a bigger cup size if you keep having to pick up and stuff!

Lastly, it is pathetic that these companies are not making sports bras to accommodate those of us who are larger than we appear.  It is as if they are telling us to not work out and not care for our health.  We need support.  We need breast health.  Let us start with proper fitting bras.