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A portrait of bad etiquette


An Orlando area photographer surfed ads seeking photographers on Craig's List. Each of his responses were copied and pasted from previous responses and did not properly comply with each ad's requirements. When asked to submit the requested items, his response was that professionals do not solicit on Craig's List, and that it is not worth his time to read the ads and submit the required items.

His lack of etiquette is indicative of his professionalism towards others. Why would one want to hire a service provider who blatantly states it is beneath him and not worth his time to do things properly? Is this the type of service for which he charges? Furthermore, if he truly believed his statement that "professionals do not solicit on Craig's List," then why is he scouring ads there to solicit potential new clients? This "professionalism" is an example of how etiquette in Orlando has greatly undergone a degradation process. We could blame parents, but that seems too easy. After all, we are adults and should take responsiblity for our actions.


In reviewing the photographer's website, his work is not extrodinary by any means. It is average, and there are children who can produce better work. His "modeling" photos depict women as service workers of a specific nature. His photos lack agency quality lighting and exposure. His angles capture women in a distasteful manner. This photographer appears to rely on photoshop, so his retouching skills are not the best, and his "concepts" are overdone, cliche, and amaturish. In summation, his work is laughable. If this were a formal review, the photographer would receive no stars.

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