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Is there no etiquette in friendship?

Here is a story about three lovely Orlandoans and etiquette. Two ladies convinced a third to do something very special for her birthday. They tried to convince her to spend an evening clubbing at CityWalk. After a lengthy debate, the third finally conceded and agreed to do something for her birthday against her wishes. For two months, the two planned a string of events to occur at a very social Orlando setting involving alcohol. The third only wanted to have a quiet evening at home with close friends.

Four days prior the event that the two had planned for the third, one of the two text messaged the third to say that she would rather spend time with her boyfriend instead of spending the evening they coerced the third into having. The other one of the two decided she was going to bail as well. One told the third that she was welcome to tag along the night before the newly cancelled party. She explained that she was doing a favor as a friend for the third by inviting her to "tag along" to a movie the third did not want to see after having spent two months convincing her to coordinate a big event. 

The third had invited a few males to join the quiet evening, but due to the turn of events, the two left the third alone with three men. The third had to cancel the entire evening and resume her original plan of enjoying a quiet evening with a close friend. The two do not see how their actions lacked etiquette.

If you know you would rather be with your significant other, why even bother convincing people to spend time with you? Why not have the decency to actually call and cancel? Most importantly, how rude is it to invite someone to "tag along" as a favor to them, when you cancelled to be with your boyfriend? What is the point of making plans if you do not keep them? Is everyone in Orlando this rude? 

Proper etiquette would have been to:

  • respect the person's wishes for a quiet evening at home;
  • not make plans with someone, especially for his/her birthday, if you know s/he is your Plan B;
  • call and cancel instead of texting like a coward.

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