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Being prepared

A large part of being professional is being prepared. Orlando has a culture of being laid back while trying to be fast paced. Sometimes Orlandoans forget that being prepared is one of the keys to success. Examples of being unprepared:

  • An attorney who does not have all of his court documents for a hearing.
  • A model who does not have her wardrobe or makeup for a shoot.
  • A hair stylist who does not have his appliances.
  • A makeup artist who does not have her brushes.
  • A party hostess who does not have refreshments.

Life is too short to worry about little things, but we must remember details to keep us successful in our endeavors. The impressions we leave on people are lasting, and many are not capable of seeing beyond first impressions. Always be prepared for things you may not expect. For example, at a business meeting, you may not expect to see certain people. Life is good about throwing curve balls at us. We must always be on top of our games. People may ask questions we cannot emotionally handle. Be prepared for those as well, so you can avoid losing composure in front of others.

It is somewhat difficult to find a happy balance between enjoying life and having a lot on our minds, but with practice, we can all conquer the world.

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