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Dr who?

People seem to be very sensitive about their titles in Orlando. While it is understandable that people have gone to school and earned their educations, they do not need to require everyone to call them by their titles. An example would be a medical doctor demanding everyone who is and is not his/her patient address him/her as "doctor." If someone is not your doctor, you should not have to address him/her as same. If we all followed that logic, then many of us should demand to be addressed AS "father" or "mother."

A title is one thing on paper, and it is important to address people by their titles in your professional lives or when someone is providing a service to you. For example, if you are on a job interview, you should be courteous and make a great first impression by addressing the interviewer by his/her appropriate title. If you are walking down the street and randomly bump into a stranger, a title is not warranted.

Those who demand that their titles be used even when not in professional settings show that they feel others need to view them as superiors. If someone is not your attorney, counselor, or doctor, it is not required that you call them by those titles.

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