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Dating etiquette - part 1

Dating in Orlando is certainly an adventure. For single women, weeding out men is very easy when you have a long list of rules. For example, be courteous and polite, use proper grammar, and be respectful. These "rules" seem simple and typical, but it is amazing how many people were not raised with etiquette. For example, a male in whose photo his face is covered and he is shirtless writes, "I'm kind of wondering how ur face looks." Someone once said, "It's easier to fix a body by going to the gym than to fix a face by going to a surgeon." Clearly a self-respecting woman would not succumb to a male whose entire focus is on physical appearance. Yes, appearance is important to an extent; however, personality can make people appear sexy or ugly, and the sender appears ugly right about now.

Ladies like to be treated with respect, and males should give what they expect in return. For example, if a male wants class, he should be classy. If a male wants a sweet woman, he should be sweet. Anything less is just impolite. There are many blogs on dating etiquette, but the reality of it is that we should treat others the way we wish to be treated. Treat people with respect, and you may not be alone on Valentines Day.

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