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Valentine makeup looks part

As an Orlando makeup artist, colors are my playground. I continually experiment with looks on different people to refine them and vary them depending on personality, style, and demographics. This look is very similar to that worn by Orlando actress, Val Vaughan, but is shown on a darker skin tone. No primer was used - only moisturizer, foundation, and concealer.

  • Eyes: pearlescent white with pink undertones, fuchsia, red, and iridescent gold; black liquid eyeliner (thin on the inside, thicker approaching the outer corner). The colors were blended well to fade into each other like a gradient.  The white is used as a highlighter under the brow bone. The gold was used over entire lid until about three quarters of the way to the outer corner.  The red was used in the crease. The fuchsia was used in the outer corners and blended over the crease color.

  • Cheeks:  red on cheekbones.

  • Lips: muted red with gold lip gloss. Red is sometimes overpowering and over used. To avoid too much red, a little gold gloss adds more dimension and depth of color.

This look is very easy to create and less intricate than some other looks created by this author using eight eyeshadow colors. While this usage of pink is similar to a flamingo, it is a Valentine look that compliments most Florida skin tones.

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