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Superbowl recipes for your face - prepare to party

With the Superbowl tomorrow, many of us are getting ready for parties. We want to make sure we are sporting our best skins! Here are a few home remedies and treatments to try.

Acne Treatment:
  • Take uncoated aspirin, dissolve it in a little hot water. Once dissolved, apply to the affected areas and rinse with lukewarm water after a few minutes. For intense treatment, you can leave it on overnight. However, be careful as this formula may be drying to the skin.  A little tingling is normal, so do not freak out. Some people may opt to mix a little witch hazel, aloe vera, plain yogurt, egg white, or tea tree oil. Try a mix that works best for you and your skin's needs.

  • Plain, white toothpaste can also be applied to the infected area(s) and left overnight.
  • If you have lemons, you can apply pure lemon juice onto the affected area and leave overnight. If the acid is too harsh for your skin, try diluting the lemon juice with a little water and rinsing it off after about ten minutes.

Concealing a monsterous zit:
  • When doing makeup for a bridal party, the bride discovered a huge zit on her back. Someone in her party suggested the put a couple of drops of Visine on it. The redness disappeared and made it easier to conceal by applying concealer over it. Visine is not just for red eye!

Next step, makeup application. Since it is a party, and you will be involved with festivities for the better part of the day, make sure you keep your skin cleansed and hydrated. Keep your makeup light to avoid clogging pores. A nice, light moisturizing foundation to use is Mac Cosmetics Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, which can be purchased at the Mac Store in Florida Mall, the Mac Pro Shop in Mall at Millenia, and in some major department stores.

A healthy skin care regimen can also prepare you for your Valentines Day dates, so wash and hydrate regularly for radiant skin!

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