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Bright eyes, average city

Some couture trends are not fashionable for Orlando. We have become a city where comfortable is our sad mediocrity. Although, makeup should merely enhance natural beauty, there are times when makeup can be fun. Orlando makeup artists often lose sight of this when creating looks. Clients are not open and daring.

Let us see what we can create when inspired by previous couture makeup trends, while keeping it tame enough for many employers. This spring is said to bring bright, bold colors on lips and/or eyes but not both simultaneously.

  • Face: generic moisturizer; Studio Fix Fluid; Studio Sculpt Concealer.

  • Eyes:
    • Left: Chromographic Pencil (Process Cyan); Engraved PowerPoint Eye Pencil. It is helpful to line the area before coloring it. Chromographic pencils are rich with pigment, so be careful and have eye makeup remover handy in case you make a mistake.

    • Right: True Chartreuse loose powder pigment; Engraved PowerPoint Eye Pencil. Again, it is easier to start with lining the area then filling it with color. A stiff bristle brush was used to pat on the powder until desired hue.

  • Cheeks: bare.

  • Lips: Vino Lip Liner.

This look is fun, but it is advisable to color both eyes the same. It is a great look under glasses, because there is a hint of bold color that is mysteriously hidden behind eyewear.
Unless otherwise stated, all products are from MAC Cosmetics, which can be purchased at the MAC store in Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia as well as some major department stores or online.

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