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Lime Crime Valentine's Day specials

Lime Crime is offering a 25% discount in honor of Valentine's day. Since Lime Crime is not available in Orlando, their products can be purchased from their website. At checkout, enter the code "LOVE" to receive the discount. Some great Valentine eye shadow colors are: Nymph, Abracadabra, and Siren. Lipsticks to complete the look would be Retrofuturist or Centrafuchsia or both.

Classic look:
Sweep Nymph under brow bone and inner corner of both top and bottom lids. Use Abracadabra in the outer corner of the top lid to fill in the rest of the lid but not extending above the crease. Use Siren in the crease. FInish with mascara, eyeliner, and apply Retrofuturist lipstick straight from the tube. Abracadabra can also be used as blush.

Evening look:
Follow the steps of the classic look, but also add Abracadabra under the lower lid. Siren can be used as blush.

Dramatic look:
Follow the steps of the classic and evening looks, then add more Siren to outline the eyes, and apply a thick line of black liner on upper and lower lid, close to the lash line. Centrafuchsia can be added to bare lips or just in the center on top of Retrofuturist.

To vary these looks but still maintain a Valentine flair, you can use Lime Criminal, Mischief Managed, and/or Medusa. For a softer look, you can use Cupcake Thief. All of these colors are fun and vibrant, so go off and explore the world of color, Orlando!

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