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SCAM: Make-up Artist..Shoot

Makeup artists and photographers - beware of the scammers!

A legitimate agency will have agency license numbers, which are verifiable through licensing boards and divisions of corporations. Most likely the grammar of such solicitations is better, although not by much. 

Their follow up email will also be posted for viewers to notice red flags. 

If you are in the greater Orlando area, ignore these scammer emails! Never release your confidential information to those who are phishing. It leads to identity theft and fraud and compromises your safety, security, privacy, and confidentiality. If you have fallen victim to these and like scams, file a police report immediately! Keep original emails in tact along with any other documentation you may have. Provide these to the local or county law enforcement electronic and/or financial crimes unit. Some local agencies, such as those in Seminole county may defer to county law enforcement. They may also suggest you contact your financial institutions to report the incident in an effort to seek recovery of the stolen funds. Banks will required copies of the police reports. 

These types of crimes take time to monitor and investigate, so do not be dismayed if you do not see immediate results. Always remember to be safe, and be smart. 

Transmitted via handheld device. Please excuse abbreviations, brevity, typos, and tone inferred. Thank you. 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Michael Russo <>
Date: April 25, 2011 8:40:21 EDT
Subject: Make-up Artist..Shoot


My name is Michael  Russo, I'm a freelance modeling agent.I e-mailed you regarding your post on model mayhem. I was thrilled when i saw your work and I appreciate it. I work with a newly opened clothing store in  South Carolina named Exclusive Wears.Currently we are working on promotional sales and advert for the store; There are some models that are ready for the  publishing and posing of the Stores Sales Promo Magazine to boost their sales and help them pave there way up the clothing industry meeting up with the world of fashion today.
Sincerely I will be honored if i can work with you on this project,you can come on board has a professional Make-up Artist,Shots will be taken in different cities including your location to advertise the stores products ranging from casual wears,Dinner gowns,cooperate wears both for male and female Please send an email to { }if you are interested .

Looking forward to read back from you in my email stated above before it's too late .

Mr Michael  Russo.