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SCAM: we need your services

Below are types of questions you should keep in mind when reviewing potential scam solicitations for your services. 

Transmitted via handheld device. Please excuse abbreviations, brevity, typos, and tone inferred. Thank you. 

Begin forwarded message:

From: andrestockman <>
Date: February 2, 2011 20:04:56 EST
To: Florida Photographer
Subject: Re: we need your services

Hello  thanks for getting back at me promptly  i really want the best for my daughter on her
happiest day.The date of the wedding is SAT  5TH OF MARCH 2011 you
will arrive in AL and check into your hotel accommodation which we
will have made available for you FRIDAY the 4TH so you can have much
rest and be in good shape for the next day which is the Wedding.Your
upfront payment would be made available by my lawyer i will instruct
him to write out a cheque for you in your name so you can cash your
upfront payment as soon as possible.Mail to me your(FULL NAMES,PHONE
  arrangements could start for your upfront as for your companions they could come too but i only have a budget for 1 person who would be the make up personnel As for my flight Agent he works with Virgin Atlantic and would make all your flight arrangements ready and send over to you before your travel date.Mail me back as soon as possible with all the details,Mr Andre Stockman

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 12:43 PM, Florida Photographer wrote:
What is the date of the wedding?

Which travel agency do you use?

Many of our clients do not travel alone. Are you willing to accommodate their travel companions?

What method of payment do you use?

A thorough background check is performed prior to referring our clients for work.

On Jan 23, 2011, at 17:49, andre stockman <> wrote:

> Hello am Mr Andre C.E.O (Stockman reseach engine C.E.O(Stockman
> reseach engine USA)am an American but work here in Canada where i have
> most of my business clients i went through  your profile on Model
> Mayhem and i was quite impressed with the pictures i saw.My Daughter
> Stacy is about to get married in the States (Allgood AL)and i want you
> to handle the make up session on that day.You going to be doing the
> make up for the bride, the groom the best man and brides maid.its a
> special day for her and i want to give her the best that's why am
> believing you to handle the job perfectly.I have a budget of $600
> which i intend to pay half of it ($300)to you before you fly over to
> us in AL and then pay the rest ($300)immediately you are done with the
> whole make up session that day.Your flight and hotel accommodation
> would be handled by me and would be made available to you by my flight
> agent.Mail me as back as soon as possible with all i need to know,the
> wedding is next month and preparation for the ceremony needs to start
> now.Hoping to hear from you soonest thanks.Andre Stockman