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SCAM: Part 2 - Make-up Artist..Shoot

The inclusion of model information is an attempt to legitimize the scam as a makeup artist job. 

A legitimate agency with legitimate jobs will not ask you to pay anyone let alone in cash. These types of scams operate in the manner that they send you a check for more than what the agreed amount is. You cash the check. They ask for a refund for the overpayment. You send it with your bank checks for your personal account. Later you receive notification from the bank that the check from the alleged agency was bad (closed or phony account, fraudulent, etc.). At that point, your checking account is deducted the amount you refunded to the alleged agency as well as the bad check fee. Additionally, the check you sent to the agency has your bank account and routing numbers as well as your address, phone number, drivers license number, signature, and any other information you have. Scammers can replicate the checks fraudulently and practice tracing your signature to make it appear as if you really did author the check. 

Scammers request the below information: 

Name in full…. 
Residential address in full…. 
Zip/postal code... 
Phone number...(cell and home) 
E-mail Address: 
Charges...$420 (3 hours) 
Any previous experience... 

If you are being hired as a makeup artist or photographer, agencies will not aak for your age or sex. They will nit hire you without meeting and/or interviewing you, because they do not want to put their models in danger. They must maintain their reputations along with their models safety. They do not need your full name or residential address. You should be licensed in your city and/or county to provide these services. You may have a separate mailing address and registered company name. Agencies will accept that for purposes of I-9s and other tax records. 

By releasing the aforementioned information, you are making it easy for scammers to steal your identity, stalk you, or even go to your home posing as a repair person to be let in your hoke for their surveillance. Once they inventory your possessions, they can burglarize your home!

Be smart, and be safe. For crime reports, contact local law enforcement. Orange and Seminole counties have web links wherein you can enter your address to find out which law enforcement agency covers your area. 

Transmitted via handheld device. Please excuse abbreviations, brevity, typos, and tone inferred. Thank you. 

From: Michael Russo <>
Date: April 26, 2011 6:44:19 EDT
To: Florida Photographer
Subject: Re: Make-up Artist..Shoot


 Nice reading from you back.I work with a newly opened clothing store in South Carolina named Exclusive Wears.Currently we are working on promotional sales and advert for the store; There are some models that are ready for the  publishing and posing of the Stores Sales Promo Magazine to boost their sales and help them pave there way up the clothing industry meeting up with the world of fashion today. 
Sincerely I will be honored if i can work with you on this project,you can come on board has a professional Make-up Artist,Shots will be taken in different cities including your location to advertise the stores products ranging from casual wears,Dinner gowns,cooperate wears both for male and female. 
Two models will be assigned to you,here are some of their details to help you out in preparation.. 

1 : Melissa Wildes 
    Age : 22 
    Height :5' 6" 
    Weight :117 lbs 
    Hair color :Brown 
    Hair length :Medium 
    Eye color :Blue 
    Ethnicity :Caucasian 
    Skin color :Tanned 

2 : Amber Marie
    Age : 23 
    Gender : Female 
    Height: 5' 6" 
    Weight: 125 lbs 
    Hair color: Brown 
    Hair length: Shoulder Length 
    Eye color: Brown 
    Ethnicity: Black 
    Skin color: Brown 

The models will be taking there shots for three hours meaning you will be needed for the same amount of time as well. Let me know your charging plan for 3 hours just for a day shoot.The shoot will be held on the 19th & 20th May 2011 and 23th &24th of June 2011 for those who are booked for the previous dates, the pictures will be used for the promotion sales and website designing.. 

 The Store will be responsible for the provision of getting you to the studio where the shoot will be taking.In order to incorporate different flavor into the magazine the shoot will be taking in different cities,as soon as we both agree, the photographer will make arrangement for a suitable location for the shoot and he will be coming over to meet you up so that the shooting can be done in good time. Let me know if you're ok with $420 for 3 hours of your time and service for all 2 models. 
In order to be certainly sure that i have you booked for that date,funds will be sent to you immediately on confirmation of your payment information as clearly outlined below this e-mail.Presently thewardrobe stylist is on a job and he will be working on this job with you,therefore the sponsor will draft out his payment along with yours so when you receive your check cash it out deduct your charges and have the balance sent to the wardrobe stylist,After payment has been received, the photo shoot will be taken and sent to the store. The whole crew (the photographer,the models,the wardrobe manager) will be delighted to work with you.In order for booking arrangements to be made as soon as possible,I need you to provide me with the following details: 

Name in full…. 
Residential address in full…. 
Zip/postal code...