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Morphine addiction, a challenge of delinquency (tags: urban decay, morphine, Orlando makeup artist, delinquency, smokey eyes, purple)

Substitute my gloom with purpleness. A different kind of smokey eye. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil may be waterproof, but it was not creaseproof. Although no sweating was involved, the shadow pencil was no match for the 92 degree weather in Orlando. These pencils should not require Primer Potion, and once initially applied, it was difficult to blend after 30 seconds. Application of another pencil somewhat erased the previous line. 

Creasing started to occur after a few hours. However, the colors are vibrant and fun! Want to feel like a bad a-s? Try these colors: Barracuda was lined closest to the top lashes with a slight cat eye effect towards the outer corners. Mercury was lined above it out to the cat eye point. Delinquency was lined above that to the crease and slightly above. Morphine was lined yet above that, out to both corners with emphasis on the inner quarter of top lid. Ransom was lined on lower water line. Zero was lined under lower lash line. Ransom was lightly layered over inner corners of lower lash line to blend with Zero. Zero was also used on the top lid to create emphasis. 

If you do not have the shadow pencils, you can substitute Perversion for Barracuda, Gunmetal for Mercury, and Grifter for Morphine. Any of Urban Decay's deep purples will work to replace Delinquency depending on desires effect. A touch of Quickie blush (powder version) on cheek bones, and Naked lipstick completed the look. The cream blush version of Quickie is not quite the same as far as color shade, tone, and cute, cotton candy pinkness. That is disappointing. 

Replicate this eye makeup look with any brand of your choice, and you will be entered to win a free pair of false eyelashes from ! Contest ends 05/09/2011 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. To enter, register on the site and upload a photo. Then post a comment with the link to your upload on the fan page. This contest is for the USA only. 

Featured song: #SoundtrackLife

4 Non Blondes
Bigger, Better, Faster, More
Morphine & Chocolate

Substitute my gloom with happiness
Substitute my sickness with health
Substitute my enemies with real good friends
Morphine & chocolate are my
Substitute, substitutes
Morphine & chocolate can bring me up
Can warm my heart whenever i want it
And every once in a while when i stop and think
Morphine & chocolate are my
Substitute, substitutes
And you can say " hey, we've really come a long way "
And you say " hey, it can only be this way "
You might be careful, it really hurts when it's real
You might be careful, it really hurts when it's real
You'll go down, down, down, down, ooh !
Set the alarm clock, baby
Don't you miss the sun ?
I'm feeling really warm hearted baby
Don't you know i'm feeling like someone
I'm fearing for my life again and i am
Fearing for my heart
Morphine & chocolate could never
Substitute my art !
And that's real love baby x3

Photo was taken on an HTC Evo. Urban Decay is available at Ulta (Altamonte Mall, across from Florida Mall, Waterford Lakes, and Winter Park Village) and Sephora (Florida Mall).