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Light, bright, & airy - not your date, a lipstick


Ten days of lipstick begins with... She awoke this morning with boredom at having to spend another day at the office, where she performed data entry and clerical tasks.  Another Thursday in Orlando. The day started cloudy, dark, and dreary, but maybe it was just her mindset. It was to be a beautiful day.  She suited up likeBarney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, and headed to her minimum wage job.  Given the economy in Orlando, she was lucky to even have a job.

One last look in the mirror after dabbing on a bit of Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream for a light, iridescent glow, she told herself in her most convincing tone, "It's going to be a great day, because I'm a great person," yet somehow she remained unconvinced.  The bright side was, one day left until the weekend, when she would spend her time out in the sun, basking in the glory of nature at Clearwater Beach.  Oh, and just a touch of Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Quickie for that flirty, blushing look and a layer of lip balm to protect her lips from UV rays.  And out the door she went.

Had it not been morning rush hour to work, she would have made it across the 408 to I-4 in no time.  Florida Highway Patrol was ready to spring into action, so she had to be mindful of her speed.  Finally at her destination, the office doors, so cold and uninviting, she entered the building, dredged upstairs at the office suite in MetroWest, and attempted to pleasantly situate herself at her desk in her little cubicle.  Feeling cramped and unenthusiastic, the day could not be longer.  She kept looking at her Kenneth Cole watch every five minutes.  Those seemed to be the longest five hours of her life.  With each stroke of the ten key keypad, she lost count and had to start again.  One, two, three, not only you and me, got one eighty degrees.... AGH!  She kept drifting into song land with Britney Spears and any other song with numbers.  At one point, she even gave the company number as 407-867-5309... Good old Tommy Tutone.  Yeah, she chuckled a little when the client recited the number back to her.  Then she felt a little blonde...

At about 14:00, she checked FaceBook on her iPhone 4 with AT&T Wireless.  Jay Love posted a notice about the Orlando Improv tonight at 22:00!  Her mood began to lighten.  Show started at 22:00, and all she had to do was call 407-480-5233, be at least 21, and cite code "102jamz" to receive free admission.  Her short day felt so long, so she slowly became excited at something to do on a Thursday night.

She was close to the Mall at Millenia, where she headed after work to get a few things from Mac Cosmetics. Looking for the perfect lipstickfor the evening, nothing stood out to her.  She did have most of the colors Mac offered, but she was not in the mood for them.  After leaving Mac, she decided to walk around the mall in hopes of finding the perfect outfit. Sad at leaving the mall empty handed, she walked back to her vehicle and entered.  Locking the doors, checking the mirrors, strapping her seatbelt, she let out a big sigh - a little exhausted and disappointed.  Oh, wait!  That's right!  She had put Countessa Fluorescent in her purse this morning without realizing it.  It perfectly fit her mood.  Countessa Fluorscent is a great Barbie pink inspired color that provides long lasting coverage throughout Orlando's  temperamental weather changes.

She went to Books a Million to pick up the latest girly novel.  These always made her laugh, because she found them so detrimentally unrealistic and pathetic.  Prince Charming is too happy with Cinderella, Aurora, and the other Disney princesses at Walt Disney World.  She headed over to Pizzeria Valdiano at Pointe Orlando, where she would be headed regardless for the Orlando Improv at 9101 International Drive, Suite 2310, Orlando, Florida  32819.  Although, it was a little noisy, she was lost in the irony called a romance novel.  Two hundred pages and a couple of hours later, she was finished then headed to her destination for a night of laughs.  Ah... Countessa Fluorescent, so light, bright, and airy, and just what she needed to pink up her mood.

Mac Cosmetics is available on their website, at some major department stores, and at the MAC stores at Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia.  Urban Decay is available on their website, atSephora (Florida Mall), and at Ulta (Altamonte Mall, Florida Mall, Waterford Lakes, Winter Park Village).  Lime Crime is not available directly in Orlando but is available on their website.