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New false eyelash & synthetic clip-in hair extensions store

Within the week, notice was shared via Twitter and FaceBook that a new online storelaunched in Orlando.  This store carries eleven styles of false eyelashes and five colors ofsynthetic clip-in hair extensions.  A wider selection is being planned.
What makes this store unique?
  1. It is Orlando based.
  2. It is a "mom and pop" shop and has been slowly emerging online for the past two years.
  3. They offer a concierge type service to bring the lashes to you for you to see them before you buy them.
  4. Personal delivery.
  5. Client's located in Orlando are eligible for a free makeup makeover and/or free headshot session.
  6. If client's take photos of themselves with the products, they can appear on the store website.
  7. As part of their concierge service, they offer cosmetics purchasing, so you do not have to worry about going to stores, trying all of the wrong colors, and waiting in lines.
  8. Contests and specials are offered regularly, so check their Twitter and FaceBook pages often!
About the products:
  • High quality, premium, synthetic false eyelashes, imported from Indonesia.  In an effort to minimize consumer waste, the lashes come in minimal packaging.  This is great for those of you who would like to resell them to your clients.  You can place your own branding or logos on them.  At this time, the price per pair of lashes is $6.25 plus shipping.
  • High quality, premium, synthetic clip-in hair extensions, imported from China.  These extensions are 18" long by 2" wide and can be heated with appliances up to 300 degrees.  Compared to Hot Topic and Sally Beauty Supply, these extensions feel and look more like real hair and blend more easily.
Given the state of the economy in Orlando, this is a great time to help an emerging, small business.  Why contribute to the mass conglomerates that only care about making money?  Why not help a fellow community member who cares about you?  The prices are less than the competition for better quality products!  Cart service is available through Google Checkout, so you will not have to worry about your credit card information.  Shipping is via regular U.S. Mail.  To celebrate the launch, now through March 15, 2011, at 11:00 pm EST, you can get 30% off on carts with $12.50 or more of product by using "mue30" at checkout.  Makeup artist and enthusiast discounts are also available.  Contact them for details.  Have fun getting lashed, because with names like "subtle" and "could ya be a doll" you can create a variety of looks!